Girl Bashing This is an incredibly interesting article about why we have to stop calling women sluts and whores (thank you Tina Fey). Because they are women only slurs, the words are inherently misogynistic, degrading and damaging. It's an interesting article because I am guilty of using these terms amongst friends but I've never meant it … Continue reading Girl Bashing


Celebrity Certified Feminism: Visual Essay

This is a visual essay I made for a subject at university. It looks at the misrepresentation of feminism by celebrities in the media and why we need feminism to focus on basic human rights for all women. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Beyoncé and Miley, however I think more responsibility needs to … Continue reading Celebrity Certified Feminism: Visual Essay

TED Talk: Virtual Reality Can Change The World

The fact of the matter is, we don't really care, feel or empathise with anyone or anything until it's right infront of us and we're forced to address it. This is what virtual reality can do. Put us in someone elses shoes, make us feel and think differently and hopefully encourage us to act in a … Continue reading TED Talk: Virtual Reality Can Change The World

TED Talks to Lighten Your Day Do you ever get that flat feeling? Where you lay in bed for an extra 15 minutes contemplating life, with little to no motivation to get up? Or you have some reoccuring thoughts along the lines of 'why am I here?' Then the above link is for you! All of the videos are inspiring, motivating, … Continue reading TED Talks to Lighten Your Day

Voluntourism: Are you really helping? I recently came across this article and found it incredibly interesting and something worth addressing. Whilst I completely believe in equality, education and helping those less fortunate, it was interesting to read that in some cases, can have negative impacts on individuals and communities that they are trying to help. "No one is saying … Continue reading Voluntourism: Are you really helping?