Girl Bashing

This is an incredibly interesting article about why we have to stop calling women sluts and whores (thank you Tina Fey). Because they are women only slurs, the words are inherently misogynistic, degrading and damaging.

It’s an interesting article because I am guilty of using these terms amongst friends but I’ve never meant it in a way where I’ve purposely set out to hurt someone. I think that these days the word ‘bitch’ is used very loosely and can even be used amongst friends. Slut I don’t agree with but am guilty of describing a girl that I don’t like very much as a slut, and upon reflecting on this really bad habit, it’s not a nice thing to do and I’m sure there’s many other words out there that could be used to describe someone.

But where’s the limit? Do we keep asking for more? How morally and politically correct can we actually be in a world full of people who are inherently different? But I do agree that we should fix up our vocabularly because we should be lifting women up, encouraging and supporting them other than ripping them down.

Peace and love to all you beautiful women and men out there!

xxx A


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