The Ultimate Bali Itinerary (2 Weeks) + PHOTO GALLERY

Bali, every Australian has a preconceived idea of what they think of Bali. Love it or hate it… I’m here to tell you why it was the best holiday of my life! Everything you cannot miss in the beautiful island of Bali.

Port Stephens: The most magical place on earth

There’s few places on earth I would refer to as truly magical. The South of Iceland, the mountains of Guatemala, the South West coast of Australia, the turquoise waters of Belize… they’re all pretty magical. But one place that I was lucky enough to grow up in, and somewhat call home to this day, is…

Paris Is ALWAYS A Good Idea

Week 3 in La Rochelle and I think it’s been my favourite of all! My birthday, Ile de Re, cooking classes and a weekend in Paris. PLUS this post has my 30 seconds in Paris video….

How I did my GAP Year in style (London)

I’ve been asked quite a lot recently about the nitty gritty facts about having my GAP year living and working in London. So, here’s the sacred ‘how-to’ guide for those thinking about having a GAP year in the UK, or just looking for a break. How About Booking Tickets? –  I was completing my HSC when…

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