a worldly addiction

by Adelaide Haynes

The Ultimate Bali Itinerary (2 Weeks)

Stretch marks, cellulite and pimples oh my! a girl’s journey to love her body

How I’ve come to accept and love the skin I’m in.

what living in france taught me about food

Bread, seafood, fruit, all in a trip to le marché.

My favourite things: FEBRUARY 2020

A cheeky trip to Melbourne, getting my wisdom teeth out and too much glitter.

all about women festival 2020

Clementine Ford, Flex Mami and being unapologetic. Enough said.

23 in Mexcio city

It’s not everyday you turn 23 in Mexico. I decided to write about it. Olay!

First impressions of montreal

I called Montreal home for 6 months and survived the depths of winter. Here are my first impressions.

Hot off the press

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: JUNE 2020

I will be stronger, I will connect with myself and people around me, I will set goals and push myself, I will go slow and take time to do things that are important to me. Deep breath, let’s do this.… Continue reading →

Seeking discomfort

Maybe it’s Mercury in Retrograde, but maybe it means that something exciting is coming… I just have to find my way through it all. I think it started at the turn on the new year. Entering a new year, a new decade, I felt myself starting to yearn for something big. I am very happy… Continue reading →

I’ll be there for you: What friendship looks like to me

The most successful friendships I have, are the ones that are a little like that beautiful little cactus on my window sill. It doesn’t take much to keep a strong friendship alive, because it’s tough af. Unlike the needy succulents sitting next to it that often require a lot of love, attention, water (but not too much. Those suckers are temperamental!… Continue reading →

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