These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: OCTOBER 2021

Well well well what a turbulent month October was. As parts of Australia started to open up and lockdowns eased, life went from 0-100 overnight. Needless to say that my social battery needed some recharging which meant I often opted for nights in doing face masks and reading my books, over heading out.

This month I also hit a bit of a wall with work. I had been working huge days to deliver some events and campaigns and I think my body just told me ‘Adelaide, you need to stop.’ It’s moments like this I’m particularly grateful to have such a wonderful psychologist who could help me manage these seemingly unmanageable times. I’m also proud that I was able to put the brakes on with my boss and say that I couldn’t continue under the pump. So I hope this can inspire you to set boundaries and put the breaks on when required. We’re not machines and aren’t meant to work like them.

As the days become longer and warmer, there’s a bit of magic in the air. The diary is quickly filling up with end-of-year festivities and I’m whipping out the sunscreen for ultimate sunny days (and maybe some cheeky gin). As we quickly approach the end of another turbulent year, I hope that you are able to go at your pace, connect with loved ones and prioritise your health and wellbeing.

Leaving the bubble

Wow driving more than 15 minutes out of the Canberra bubble – what a feeling! As soon as we could, John and I hit the road to get some Vitamin Sea! And who better to soak up some sunshine than with Miss Chantelle. While it may not be the ‘North Gong 10 min walk to the beach,’ being able to do a day trip to the coast was an absolute highlight of the month. The drive from Canberra is so doable and if you stop halfway in Braidwood for a coffee and pastry – or in our case, some Nepalese food, and beer – then you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

The first outing (beers and coffee)

I promise to never again take for granted the pure joy and bliss of having a beer or coffee brought to you. Wow-what a gorgeous feeling it was! And even better, I got to share it with loved ones out and about enjoying the Canberra sun. Whether it was finding the ultimate parmi at a pub around the corner or heading the the Ruck for the first time (what a moment), it felt surreal to be out and about with people enjoying themselves with mates.

Lovely moments

I kind of love how even as restrictions ease, I’ve often found myself gravitating towards ‘lockdown’ vibes in the first instance. Whether it’s a picnic in Yarralumla, dinner nights in with mussels, chips, and wine, face masks and sex and the city, falling in love with Silo croissants, bike riding and coffee walks with my friends, and taking polaroids on random Saturday afternoons.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s moments like these that I am so grateful for such beautiful relationships with housemates, friends, partners, and family. I know that moving forward I will continue to prioritise these slow and more simple moments to truly be present and soak up all the good vibes coming my way.


I was on an absolute reading spree this month and smashed through 5 incredible books! When I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unsure, reading always grounds me and allows me to be fully present and immerse myself in a new world they’ve created.

The Survivors, By Jane Harper
I read ‘The Dry’ by Jane Harper last year and absolutely loved it. I had heard so many good things about The Survivors so I had to include it in my book haul for the month. I love reading books that are set in Australia – though absolutely kicking myself that I am yet to go to Tassie! Loved it and would definitely recommend.

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? By Pandora Sykes
Oh my goodness I could not put this book down! I was a bit hesitant as I honestly only knew Pandora through her podcast with Dolly Alderton. I have read Dolly’s books and thought, how can Pandora’s be different? Let me tell you it is different, it is unique and it is excellent. It’s well researched which leaves you feeling informed and talks about important issues in a really nuanced way. I absolutely loved it and would definitely recommend for anyone in their 20s or 30s with questions about work, relationships, body and beauty. 10/10 from me! Can’t wait to read more of Pandora’s work.

Animal, By Lisa Taddeo
Ooft this is a dark one. I read Lisa’s ‘Three Women’ last year and absolutely loved it. This one is a bit darker and a bit more suspenseful, leaving you wondering where it’s going and what drives the main character.

Beautiful World Where Are You?, By Sally Rooney
Ah Sally you’ve done it again! After two incredible novels, this highly anticipated book had quite a lot riding on it. I went into it a little skeptical and critical and found myself whisked away to the Irish town it’s set in. I absolutely loved it and absolutely enjoyed getting inside the minds of her characters. This is a truly beautiful read and perfect for a summer holiday!

P.S Can you tell I was kind of obsessed with crispy chicken salads this month?! Obsessed!

Sorry and Bliss, By Meg Mason
This book had certainly been doing the rounds and again, I went into it a little critical (you have to make up your own mind on whether you love it or not). I started reading it one night and as I turned the light out I realised I was already halfway through. It was a harrowingly gorgeous read and thought the way she captured the complexities of — was incredible. It absolutely lives up to the hype and it is well worth a read.

Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason


One of the best drama series I’ve ever seen. This show exposes the sinister experience of domestic and family violence and poverty in the US. The main actress is absolutely incredible and thought it shone an important life of the decisions that women escaping abuse are faced with and the challenges the system creates.

Squid Game
Do I really need to say much about this series? It’s Netflix’s best series to date and I was absolutely captivated by it. It’s dark, it’s hilarious and it’s a raw commentary on inequality. You’ve likely already seen this one so I guess all that’s left to say is – I wonder if there will be a season 2?

This is the ballet, drama I have always wanted to watch. Set in Paris at the National Opera, this drama series tells a non-cheesy story of two dancers. One at the beginning of her career and one nearing the end – this series is perfect for those of you who love Paris, dance, romance and grit.


Classic ‘I had no idea who Molly Mae was until I heard about her on Shameless podcast and now I’m obsessed.’ Molly has a huge backlog of content that will keep you occupied for just enough time for you to fall in love with her!

Danielle Carolan
Danielle is someone I’ve been following for quite some time and since she’s moved to New York I cannot get enough. I must admit, it’s certainly low brow but I’m not ashamed to say how damn impressed I am by her hustle and grind. Plus I’ve been obsessed with her fashion which I may have been influenced by…. eyes off door for the next parcel…


Stuff the British Stole, Blood Art
I’ve been tuning in and out of Marc Fennell’s ‘Stuff the British Stole,’ but was absolutely hooked with this episode. I knew absolutely nothing about the ancient culture of Benin and found it absolutely incredibly fascinating. It’s an incredible story and would highly recommend if you’re interested in art, culture and beautiful, significant artefacts.


This song just sounds like summer and good times! Yes yes yes – I hope this means a second album is on the way and if so, I thoroughly look forward to singing along during Triple J’s hottest 100 next year because surely it’ll be up there.


Bare Minerals, Complexion Rescue
I was looking for a light weight BB cream-type product for the summer months. I stumbled across some great reviews of this online and thought I would give it a go. Despite buying several shades too dark by accident (oops), I absolutely adore it. It’s super glowy, light, with SPF, and gives a really nice coverage – in my instance with it being a tad dark, I look very sunkissed, but I think I can just make it work.

bareMinerals - Complexion Rescue Gel - Spice 8

November I am so damn excited for you! For that warm air, diaries filling up with fun events, getting away, getting back to the ocean, reading some more wonderful books and putting the breaks on a little. If I conquer this hayfever (when will it end?!), then I think November is sure to be AMAZING!

Stay safe and have fun!


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