Well September came and disappeared. What a blur of cold mornings, hints of summer in the air, crunch times at work, boozy Saturday afternoons on our back deck and collecting parcels from kind a regular posties.

Usually this section is filled with, ‘this month I did this, then that, with this person, then went here….’ and we all know there wasn’t a whole lot of that happening this month. But it didn’t mean I didn’t make the most of it. John moved into his new place and celebrated his 26th birthday, I went walking, drinking and riding with Em, had a picnic with Nikki and Lewis, drank too many frozen margaritas, ran about 60kms, and ate about 15 bagels.

Lockdown has certainly forced us to slow down, be mindful, patient and present and I couldn’t have been happier. Yes things have felt repetitive, stressful and uncertain but damn am I lucky to spend lockdown with these legends.

Facetime, facetime, facetime…

There’s nothing quite like a good ol Facetime with a good ol friend. In a time where I happen to be separated from most of my friends and family, I’ve loved connecting with my loves whether it’s been for 5 minutes or 2 and a half hours…. ahem… Charline. It’s a hard time and it seems there’s finally an end in sight. It’s nice to know that a friend is just a call away.

TV shows

First ladies on SBS On Demand
This six episode documentary series tells the story of the women behind several Presidents of the US. While it’s not exactly hard hitting or critical, it tells the often unheard stories of the First Ladies. I particularly loved Hillary Clinton’s, Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy.

First Ladies | Documentary | SBS On Demand

Season 3 of Sex Education
This is the wholesome goodness I needed this month. My goodness I just about smashed it in a day. I’m so obsessed and it makes me want to consume more sex positive, body positive content.


Lorde’s Maori EP
Wow. Just wow. When Solar Power came out I thought, mmmhmm ok not bad Lorde. But when she released an EP in Te Reo Māori, I lost my mind. It is truly beautiful to hear music in Indigenous languages and while I know there is a lot of commentary and criticism of Lorde doing this, I think the fact that she has showcased Indigenous language on a global stage is really important. Plus it is just gorgeous to listen to.

I was already in love with her latest album and yes loving this song may make me TikTok crazed and basic but seriously I CAUGHT A VIBE!!!! I’m so in love with her look, her vibe, her voice and the emotion she conveys (especially watching her performances). I’ve been listening to this non-stop and hits differently when you’ve got your roller skates on.


Sentimental in the City
This miniseries appears in Caroline O’Donoghue’s podcast called Sentimental Garbage and features the one and only Dolly Alderton. If you have watched Sex and the City and are familiar with the episodes and characters, you will absolutely love this! I found myself giggling out loud as I walked down the street. I felt like I was talking with Caroline and Dolly because I too feeeeeeeel the most about Sex and the Cityyyyy!

After Work Drinks
This Aussie/Kiwi duo have been on repeat in my ears over the past few weeks and I’m truly loving their podcast. They’re fun, witty and raw. The best thing about discovering a great podcast is when you realise there’s a huge backlog of episodes to catch up on.

Everybody Knows
An intriguing yet unsurprisingly sad series about sexism, assault and power in the Australian music industry. In the light of #metoo that swept Hollywood, why did #metoo fall short in Australia? Host of Everybody Knows, Ruby Jones, aims to answer this question while delicately navigating Australia’s tough defamation laws. As much as I loved it, damn did it make me angry at how our system is literally designed by privileged men in power to protect privileged men in power.


Malibu Rising, by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Ooooh Taylor Jenkins Reid you’ve done it again! What a lovely book to escape into. I love how her characters develop and you become immersed in their world. The battle between the past and the present is glorious and that nostalgic 70s feel dances around her pages. I finished it with a beer in hand on the balcony and couldn’t have thought of a better way to devour such a gorgeous book.

Emotional Female, by Yumiko Kadota
Wow this book is INCREDIBLE and a must read. It tells the story of Yumiko’s pursuit of medicine and her tumultuous journey on becoming a surgeon. It talks about intersections of sexism and racism, I even felt a little anxious reading it because it truly immersed me in her world. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Yumiko speak about her book in person (earlier this year) and can truly say I would absolutely recommend this for any woman who’s been told she’s too emotional.


I joined the basic bitch club and reached new heights when it comes to lockdown and bought some roller skates. They are beautiful and I’m absolutely in love with them. I’ve loved skating around the back yard, especially in this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been getting a taste of. I’ve stacked it a few times too to keep me humble. If you want to check them out, you can pick them up from Surf Dive and Ski (be sure to get the protective pads too – you will need them).

Well October you’re looking a little brighter, warmer and connected. I cannot wait to start seeing my family and friends and damn I can’t wait for an epic date night sitting across a table from Johnnie. I hope you’re all safe and well, and until next time… big love.


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