(un)Naturally Beautiful


I know we’ve all seen the extreme differences between photoshopped and unphotoshopped photos, with the before generally looking fatter, lumpier, redder, wrinkler (or any other adjective associated with being ‘ugly’). However, this recent before and after on Cosmo got me owning my skin.


Ever since I was 11 years old I’ve had acne. For 10 years! That’s a bloody long time to feel insecure about your face that you show to the world every day. And now, whilst I’m approaching adulthood, I still have acne scars, pimples and imperfections. Yes you heard it here, believe it or not I’m not actually perfect. However, seeing this advertisement/the photoshopping of it was actually quite reassuring for me. Whilst I know within myself that photos for high fashion magazines etc are photoshopped, it’s quite overwhelming and some what depressing being constantly bombarded with images of beautiful women with clear skin. In the before picture, the model’s skin isn’t even bad! It’s just not ‘desirable.’ I feel that more models should embrace their flaws and imperfections and have a more positive influence on young people across the globe.

Peace and pout x

source http://www.etonline.com/photo/2014/09/24103358/640_beyonce_newest_thigh_gap.jpg
Even Beyonce is guilty of some photoshopping! source 

Flirting with Feminism

This clip is an incredibly insightful, confronting and enlightening discussion between a variety of women who have varying views of feminism. From not identifying as a feminist due to feminism being targeted at middle class white women, the forward motion of feminism and how it needs to include women of colour, transgender women and disabled women, to feminism being more than an individual happiness and needs to be a collective movement, to not wanting a definition because definitions by nature are limiting and the feminism movement must continue to be dynamic and fluid, all of these women’s views are equally interesting and informative.


A part of the discussion which really challenged my preconceived ideas of feminism is the idea of femism being so much more than individual acceptance and behaviour. How it not ok to make personal decisions and behave in a way that you deem ok and excercising a right of freedom to make those decisions, where those decisions can have adverse affects on women kind as a whole. I guess this brings in the whole ‘not asking for it’ movement which despite what a woman wears – whether it be jeans, jumper, bikini, bra, shorts, crop top or a dress – she’s not asking for it (IT being sexual abuse). I completely agree with this movement and believe that regardless of what a woman wears despite how ‘slutty’ or ‘provocative’ it may appear, she does not deserve any mistreatment or abuse. However, are individuals, especially those of power like Miley Cyrus who do wear provocative clothing really contributing to woman kind in a positive way? Yes, individuals like Miley Cyrus are excercising their right to make their own decisions and wear what they want to wear, but in the long run, is it undermining the very notions of feminism as a collective movement?

I guess we are in this world together and we as a society should act upon the interest of that society, however at the end of the day, all we really have are ourselves. Is it ok/justified to do what you want and to make your own decisions based on your individual wants/needs, OR, should we change our frame of mind and act/make collectivistic decisions based on the success and liberation towards woman kind as a whole? I can’t make that decision for women everywhere, but I do know that it is important to maintain the key values of feminism in our every day lives and fight against injustice.

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The Inequality of Google Searches


What’s interesting about these maps and the google searches they represent is different social issues, disparity and the ever growing gap between the rich and poor.


image (1)

The differences beteen countries like America interested in patents to protect their intellectual property, to the Democratic Republic of Congo researching how much it costs to build a house, to how much a prostitute costs in Brazil, to needing cows in Rwanda or India…

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Real Romance Films

I love a good romantic film. But what I love even more are romantic films which are real, raw and relatable.


I’ve only seen a few of the movies mentioned in this article but they’ve all been added to my ever growing list.

Another film I’d recommend (as part of the Before… trilogy) is Before Sunrise. It’s one of my favourite films EVER and I’d highly recommend it to those hopeless romantics who love to travel.

Happy watching

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Executions and Exaggerations



It’s somewhat strange how many SBS articles have been creating sympathy and empathy towards the executions of Chan and Sukumaran that took place yesterday.

Another thing to take into consideration is the number of people on death row across the world.

Amnesty International executions around the world

I’m very sympathetic towards their families and friends who must endure this horrible loss, but at the end of the day, the law is set in place to protect its countries citizens. Drug traffiking is a huge problem currently facing Inonesia and we must be respecful to a countries customs, laws and culture.

I’m not condoning the death penalty nor condeming it, but a global perspective must be taken into consideration in delicate situations like this. Australia is currently violating numerous human rights with detaining thousands of asylum seekers so until we can sort out our own issues, it’s hypocritical to judge and intervene elsewhere.

Have and active mind and active life x

Knowledge is Power and Power is Sexy

Recently, there’s been so many interesting articles I’ve been stumbling across and have been hesitant in sharing on Facebook due to fear of being a Facebook pest.

So, I’m creating a new part of my blog where I can share interesting links, videos, articles and pictures that I stumble across in my internet life that I think are worth being shared.

So stay tuned for more of my daily findings

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