Celebrity Activism: Are Good Intentions Good Enough?

An exploration into the effects of celebrity activism and whether or not celebrities should add 'humanitarian' to their CV.

Voluntourism: Are you really helping?

http://www.travelmole.com/news_feature.php?news_id=2010188&c=setreg&region=2 I recently came across this article and found it incredibly interesting and something worth addressing. Whilst I completely believe in equality, education and helping those less fortunate, it was interesting to read that in some cases, can have negative impacts on individuals and communities that they are trying to help. "No one is saying … Continue reading Voluntourism: Are you really helping?


What do we want? Nollywood! When do we want it? Now!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSNC5UIdj0I   Movies have a way of delving into our homes and hearts, conveying important messages, themes, social issues, morals and great acting. Directors push the boundaries, question certain restrictions and spark debate over social, personal and political issues. This is no different for the world's 3rd largest film industry in the world... Nollywood.  With … Continue reading What do we want? Nollywood! When do we want it? Now!