(un)Naturally Beautiful


I know we’ve all seen the extreme differences between photoshopped and unphotoshopped photos, with the before generally looking fatter, lumpier, redder, wrinkler (or any other adjective associated with being ‘ugly’). However, this recent before and after on Cosmo got me owning my skin.


Ever since I was 11 years old I’ve had acne. For 10 years! That’s a bloody long time to feel insecure about your face that you show to the world every day. And now, whilst I’m approaching adulthood, I still have acne scars, pimples and imperfections. Yes you heard it here, believe it or not I’m not actually perfect. However, seeing this advertisement/the photoshopping of it was actually quite reassuring for me. Whilst I know within myself that photos for high fashion magazines etc are photoshopped, it’s quite overwhelming and some what depressing being constantly bombarded with images of beautiful women with clear skin. In the before picture, the model’s skin isn’t even bad! It’s just not ‘desirable.’ I feel that more models should embrace their flaws and imperfections and have a more positive influence on young people across the globe.

Peace and pout x

source http://www.etonline.com/photo/2014/09/24103358/640_beyonce_newest_thigh_gap.jpg
Even Beyonce is guilty of some photoshopping! source 

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