Celebrity Certified Feminism: Visual Essay

This is a visual essay I made for a subject at university. It looks at the misrepresentation of feminism by celebrities in the media and why we need feminism to focus on basic human rights for all women. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love BeyoncĂ© and Miley, however I think more responsibility needs to be applied when representing serious social issues like gender inequality. It can’t all be sequins, booty, free the nipple etc because how is that going to help the women in the world where gender inequality affects their everyday life? We need to not only act for ourselves, but also for those who are not given the opportunity or right to.

xxx A


Knowledge is Power and Power is Sexy

Recently, there’s been so many interesting articles I’ve been stumbling across and have been hesitant in sharing on Facebook due to fear of being a Facebook pest.

So, I’m creating a new part of my blog where I can share interesting links, videos, articles and pictures that I stumble across in my internet life that I think are worth being shared.

So stay tuned for more of my daily findings

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