Media Keeps on Flowing

What are the differences between dominant flows and contra-flows? Why are contra-flows important? How do they affect us here in Australia? Media has traditionally been dominated by America and Europe due to economic, technological and political power, and rapid advancements in communications. When my parents grew up, they would watch television shows like the Brady … Continue reading Media Keeps on Flowing

Globalisation of Media and its effects on the world

'Globalisation could lead to the homogenisation of world cultures, or to hybridisation and multiculturalism’ (Khorana, 2014) This statement delivered to us in our second lecture of BCM111 expresses the benefits, disadvantages, concerns and welcoming of globalisation. And the media plays a big part in this global change. Khorana defines globalisation as  'an international community influenced by … Continue reading Globalisation of Media and its effects on the world

Tinder vs. the World

“Convergence does not mean ultimate stability or unity. It operates as a constant force for unification but always in dynamic tension with change. . . . There is no immutable law of growing convergence." Henry Jenkins   Society is made up of many different individuals, all with different ideologies and interests, liking and wanting different … Continue reading Tinder vs. the World

Controlling the Media or Mind?

"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind." Jim Morrison China is a beautiful country with rich culture, history and power. The 20th Century saw the end of dynasties and the rise of China as an international powerhouse, with mass production and technological innovation powering them as a leader in the world's economy. The People's Republic … Continue reading Controlling the Media or Mind?