The Difference Between Being Adventurous And Being Naive

People like to see themselves as being adventurous, spontaneous and risk taking... I sure do. Especially whilst travelling or trying to spice up your daily routine, you might adopt mottos like 'always say yes,' 'what have you got to lose,' or 'why not?' And whilst having these spontaneous adventures makes for some pretty memorable times, it … Continue reading The Difference Between Being Adventurous And Being Naive

Getting My Fix

I find it ever so empowering to believe in the power, strength and never ending ocean. Its chameleon colours stimulate our eyes. The sweet smell of salt tickles our taste buds. Its silky waters glide over our skin invigorating us with life and meaning. It sings to us a symphony of sounds from the highest … Continue reading Getting My Fix

My Worldly Addiction

Some people are addicted to cocaine, others, smoking, or even sex and alcohol... But me? I'm addicted to life. I just can't get enough. London has been my home for the past twelve months where I worked and travelled across the continent far and wide, including France, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland and … Continue reading My Worldly Addiction