The Difference Between Being Adventurous And Being Naive

People like to see themselves as being adventurous, spontaneous and risk taking… I sure do. Especially whilst travelling or trying to spice up your daily routine, you might adopt mottos like ‘always say yes,’what have you got to lose,’ or ‘why not?‘ And whilst having these spontaneous adventures makes for some pretty memorable times, it can also lead to some bad decisions and regrets. So how do you be adventurous without being stupid? How do you create those memorable nights without making some questionable decisions? Here’s how to maximise the memories and minimise the risk.

Meeting new people at a hostel and having an adventure in Edinburgh
Meeting new people at a hostel and having an adventure in Edinburgh

Know Your Limits – Knowing your limits, especially with alcohol is extremely important if you’re in a foreign city or don’t know the area or people you’re with. Whilst you still want to have a good time, it’s important that your head is clear enough to find your way home or to a bus stop if necessary (you don’t want to be walking home by yourself through the back streets of a foreign city). Also whilst travelling, you may develop this naive faith that all people you meet are just as respectful, honest and trustworthy as you (or as they appear). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I’m not telling you to never trust anyone, but be sure to use your best judgement on the people around you so that you’re safe.

Balance is the Key – Who invented this saying of always saying yes?! Can you imagine if for a week you said yes to everything you were asked to do and go everywhere you were invited? You’d be exhausted, broke and probably end up with alcohol poisoning (yes that happened to me in Prague and I nearly died so beware!). Instead of always saying yes to everything, how about planning your week so you’ve got a good balance of down time, socialising, work, fitness, parties etc. You’ll feel a lot more productive and having plans for a Friday night will be good motivation to get through a long week at work.

Always Listen to your Gut Instinct – If something just doesn’t feel right, chances are, it’s not. Never underestimate that little feeling at the bottom of your stomach trying to tell you what to do. I’ve never regretted not following my instincts, but i’ve definitely regretted choosing to ignore it. For some reason, it seems to know what’s good for you.

Going on an adventure on New Years Eve 2013 in Krakow, Poland with some friends
Going on an adventure on New Years Eve 2013 in Krakow, Poland with some friends

‘A walk home and the best party ever.’

When I was living in London, a friend and I were walking home from the tube after a concert in the city. A few feet ahead were a group of 6 guys about our age carrying some beers. Because we were walking in the same direction and they didn’t look like psychopaths so we began talking. Turned out they were going to a house party literally down the road from where I was living and invited us to come along. I was with a friend and a stones throw away from my house, I had my phone on me and got a good and genuine vibe from the group so we agreed to drop by. It turned out to be the best house party I’ve ever been to! There was a DJ deck, a smoke machine, strobe lights, alcohol everywhere, all the furniture was removed, a killer dance floor, food and cool new people. It was so good that I went home and convinced a few of my housemates to come around too. This is a time that being adventurous paid off. I never would’ve followed let alone talk to the guys if they seemed sketchy or something didn’t feel right. With your head being in the right space, being in control, having a friend, knowing the area and having a bit of trust, you can have a great spontaneous night and get home safe and sound with some fantastic memories and new friends.

So want to have a good and memorable night out? Trust your instincts, be prepared (phone battery charged, spare cash), tell your friends where you’re going, be kind and have faith in people (but not too much) and remember to have fun.

xxx A


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Being Adventurous And Being Naive

  1. We’ve all been in those situations where it just goes a bit banana shaped and you’re not sure how it’s going to pan out. That’s when travelling becomes a little scary. Good advice here to prevent it.

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