My Worldly Addiction

Some people are addicted to cocaine, others, smoking, or even sex and alcohol…IMG_7638

But me? I’m addicted to life.

I just can’t get enough.

London has been my home for the past twelve months where I worked and travelled across the continent far and wide, including France, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland and my favourites, Scotland and Iceland. I drank many a local brew, met many facebook friends, lived on minimum wage and discovered my passion for writing and exploring.

After running out of money, I trekked home realising I needed a new adventure. One equally as exciting, alcohol consuming and money sucking, thinking… what about university?

I’m a first year International Studies/Communication and Media Studies Student who’s just moved to the area from Port Stephens near Newcaslte and eager to discover some more facebook friends and local watering holes.

Apart from that, I am a very passionate and proud red head, absolutely infatuated with Johnny Depp, very into my English indie rock bands, can’t live without the beach, unhealthily obsessed with a good coffee and my dream job is to be a travel writer for National Geographic.

Like any addiction, I am always craving a new fix.

Feel free to watch my addiction by following me on:

Instagram – missadelaidesarah

Twitter – @missaaadelaide

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2 thoughts on “My Worldly Addiction

  1. Looking forward to the blogs! I’m currently travelling and blogging around Europe but will be doing a similar thing soon (I.e. Basing myself in London and travelling) so if you have some tips that would be great 🙂

    1. Thankyou! You’ll have the experience of a lifetime! If you have any questions, follow me on twitter and ask away
      Soon I hope to be writing about getting through a year abroad so stay tuned! 🙂

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