These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: December 2018

Wow! What an insane month. As I mentioned last month, December is the craziest month of them all. Christmas mania kicks into full swing, everyone’s finishing uni, lease’s are ending, people are shopping and families require attention. Thankfully, the silly season is over and I can finally take a moment to myself and reflect on the month (and year) that has been.

☂️ Makin Gravy

If you’ve ever seen me see Paul Kelly at a festival, you’ll know I’m a pretty big fan. So you could image my stoked levels when Sophie’s family bought me a ticket to come along with them to his Making Gravy mini-festival in Sydney. Unfortunately, the sky decided to make a huge storm. Luckily we were prepared with ponchos, beers and plenty of good times. It was a great night dancing in the mud and singing along to the one and only, Mr Paul Kelly. I’m so grateful to have shared that awesome experience with the Washingtons and I can’t wait for next time.

⛩️ Japan

Where do you even begin to try and explain the wonders of Japan. Seriously, Japan is one of the most ‘wow’ countries I’ve ever been to. Everything is a sensation overload. The lights, the sounds, the smells, it’s all pretty damn incredible. And it’s a truly beautiful country. The people are so friendly and helpful, the mountains and countryside is gorgeous and the cities are wild with energy. A highlight for me definitely has to be our adventure out to Nagano and the Snow Monkey Forest. The little town we stayed in was called Yamanouchi, which was essentially a winter Wonderland. A full blog post on our Japan itinerary will be coming soon (so watch this space)!

🎁Christmas Festivities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well I had your not so average Christmas. I was in Japan for Christmas (and yes it was snowing #magical). So I was lucky enough to celebrate Christmas with friends and family before I headed overseas. So thank you to everyone who made these Christmas festivities so memorable.

 🎶 Tunes

Bill Murray – Phantogram
Oooh I have had this song on repeat! I first stumbled upon it whilst watching The Bold Type and this song played during a really emotive scene. So naturally, this song just evokes a whole sense the good ol feels.

Prism of love – Blakey Jones feat. JONES
This is another slow, chill and emotive song (maybe I was really feeling in touch with my emotions this month?). Either way, I freakin love this song and think it’s just gorgeous. I don’t really have more to add than just go and get your ears on it.

📽️ Flicks

I must have been in a ‘chic flick’ kinda mood when I watched this because I seriously enjoyed every second! It’s a feel good kinda movie with freakin Jennifer Aniston! Need I say more? The main character (Dumplin) is so likeable and you’ll find yourself rooting for her the whole movie. You’ll especially love this movie if you like country music, more specifically, Dolly Parton.

Nappily Ever After
I really loved this movie! It tells the story of a successful and ‘perfect’ woman named Violet. When her perfect life comes crashing down, her relationship with her hair challenges her further, gives her strength, and helps forge a new identity. I loved how it didn’t revolve around the love story and she didn’t give up her new found identity and independence for a man. This is a great feel good movie, with important messages for all women no matter what their hair status is.


All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
This book has been on my reading list for quite some time now. And I have to admit, the 500+ pages were pretty intimidating. But there’s nothing quite like a holiday to help you get through a big book like this one. I must admit, I’m not sure it lived up to all the hype (but to be fair, there was quite a lot of hype). That being said it is a gorgeous story that evokes a lot of emotions and senses. Once I started reading it I found it hard to stop. 

The Alice Network, by Kate Quinn
My lovely colleague lent this book to me and I seriously couldn’t be more thankful. I love it when you borrow a book from someone because it’s such a good incentive to try and get it done asap so that you can return it to them! This book is based on a number of true stories about a network of female spies during WWI and WWII. If you, like me, love seeing heroines be powerful, intelligent and motivated women, then you will love this book. And um hello – spies!

Burial Rites, by Hannah Kent
I must have really bee loving my female heroines this month when it came to reading. This is a gorgeous book! First thing, it’s set in Iceland! Second thing, it’s based on a real story. And third, the character development is really clever and beautiful. By the end I was nearly in tears and it really pulled on all of my heart strings.

📷 Bloggers, Vloggers and Podders

The Dream (podcast)
Whilst travelling around Japan, I found myself absolutely hooked to The Dream. It’s an investigative podcast into the world of multi-level marketing and strong analysis of pyramid schemes. When I first heard about it I thought it would not be my cup of tea, but the host is excellent and it’s brilliantly produced. I love it when people make you care about something you never even knew about. This podcast has made me question soooooo many things when it comes to MLM’s and the ways in which companies capitalise on people’s desperate dreams to become rich and successful. Would absolutely recommend!

📝 Quote

This month (and next year), something I’ve really been focusing on is looking after myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyone else’s drama, lives and mess, and meanwhile, we’re just treading water to keep afloat. In all honesty, I’m sick of constantly sacrificing my thoughts, my feelings, my time and my effort for people who have no respect or consideration for me. I’ve always been that person who’s worried about what someone might think and how they might react, but I’m the one who ends up suffering in silence. I feel like I’m a better person to myself and the people around me when I speak up and stand up for myself. I know that I would go above and beyond for the people I love, but if people aren’t willing to do that for me, well you can forget it. Don’t try and walk over me because I’m walking into 2019 with a whole lot of self-respect and love, and I won’t let anyone get in my way.

December was a truly crazy month and in all honesty, I’m kinda glad it’s over. So many adventures, so many incredible memories and so many days that flew by in a blink of an eye. My blog post for my 2018 favourites is coming soon (watch this space), plus my ‘what I want to achieve in 2019’ post. But for the time being, I’m looking forward to heading into January with some new found peace, hopefully a slower pace and a deep sense of excitement for the year ahead. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and holiday season.

2019 better watch out, I’m coming for ya!

Did I Achieve My 2017 New Years Resolutions?

At the beginning of each year, I like to set out some goals that I’d like to achieve. I think they call them New Years resolutions… At the start of this year, damn I must’ve been incredibly ambitious because I wrote a list of 52 things I want to achieve in 2017 (you can read it here).

So before I write a list of things I want to achieve in 2018 (I definitely won’t be setting a goal of 52!! What was I thinking?) I want to look back at the year that was and assess whether I met my goals or not, and how I can maybe check them off next year and what I need to do to turn these goals into actions.

  1. Play netball
  2. Do yoga – every week –  I need to bring yoga into 2018 for sure!
  3. Meditate – outside in fresh air for replenishment
  4. Get flexible – being flexible makes you sexible (Thanks Logan Paul)
  5. Don’t eat shit – steer clear of fried food, fast food and cakes (birthday cakes and pizza are allowed) (birthday pizza is allowed and also encouraged) – yes if home made pizza is acceptable
  6. Eat mostly vegetarian – buy and cook vegetarian, if you see something tasty on the menu like some chicken, treat yo self
  7. Compost
  8. Learn how to compost- fail
  9. Buy an awesome coffee mug and bring it everywhere (no more takeaway cups)
  10. Buy an awesome French Press coffee maker to put awesome coffee in my awesome coffee mug
  11. Make my lunch the night before
  12. Make an entire meal for my friends and family
  13. Learn how to cook an impressive meal. E.g bake a fish, lasagne, brownies, pad thai
  14. Go to a new country  – went to 4 (Thailand, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala)
  15. Learn Spanish – on the list for 2018 for sure!
  16. Visit Tasmania – points for a camper van, extra points for hitch hiking or bike riding – no but I did camper van explore around Western Australia so I’ll count this on. Tasmania I’m coming for you next year!
  17. Visit home more often – sorry mum. I’ll make that a goal for 2018
  18. Have coffee and cake with my Grandma & Grandad, Nan & Pop – 2018 is going to be very family oriented!
  19. Send letters
  20. FaceTime my friends overseas – yes but I need to do this more
  21. Experiment with video styles
  22. Make a video once a week
  23. Blog once a week – it hasn’t been once a week but between writing for Twenty Something Humans, making videos and doing uni work, I think I’ve been going pretty well.
  24. Make some money from said videos and blogs
  25. Graduate (with distinction) WOOOOOO
  26. Watch 12 sunrises (once a month)
  27. Learn to surf
  28. Try Bollywood/Pole Dancing
  29. Volunteer at uni
  30. Make a killer CV #employable
  31. Go on a roadtrip Hello Byron Bay
  32. Have lunch at the grounds of Alexandria
  33. Work hard at uni. HD’s come at me.
  34. Enquire about honours/masters (overseas)
  35. Go to careers central and plan my future career path
  36. Go to a trampoline park and learn how to do a back flip
  37. Read, read, read – bulk books have been read this year!
  38. Go in the City2Surf
  39. Work hard at work
  40. Practice my French by watching French films, French YouTubers and as part of the French Society – Salut French Major!
  41. Don’t buy things for the sake of it. How many more clothes do you really need?
  42. Complete the waste challenge
  43. Have at least 1 make up free day a week – Fuck make up! I’ve started going fresh face every where and my skin is loving it!
  44. Make people birthday gifts
  45. Make a vision board and decorate it with fairy lights – did the vision board (turned into being a vision wall) but no lights.
  46. Learn how to edit videos – I think I’m getting better but I’d love to upgrade from iMovie to Adobe or Premier Pro. 
  47. Make a snapchat filter
  48. Meet new people and put myself out there
  49. Go to a festival/concert I’ve been to so many gigs this year I wish I could cross this one out twice!
  50. Stress less
  51. Promote peace and understanding. Try not to be as critical of others and myself. Believe in myself, my values, decisions and choices. Don’t drink as much as I did in Montreal (sorry liver). Look for the joy in life. Be accepting of others.

I guess the thing to take away from this is that it’s OK not to achieve all of the things you set out to do (especially if you set 52 goals!). New Years Resolutions are about setting a list of goals and dreaming big. About trying, failing and trying again. They act as a reminder to what you want, what you wanted and may even help reassess where you’re at. I may not have achieved all of my goals for 2017, but I’m pretty damn proud of what I have achieved!

Stay tuned for my 2018 goals! Coming soon….


Simple & Easy Way To Make A KickAss Travel Video

So you want to make a travel video but you don’t know where to start? Well there’s a million ways to make a travel video. The most common is a quick GoPro edit with a Kygo song plastered on top. But if you don’t have time, money, energy or resources to put together an epic travel video… never fear. I have the ultimate travel app for you!

1SE (1 Second Everyday) is the easiest yet most creative way to document your travels. In short, this is how it works… you take one second of footage everyday and it saves it into a calendar. You can set reminders so you don’t forget to take a quick video. Then at the end of your trip, you mash it all together and export the file.

The best thing is, that it allows you to capture what you think is important or special about a particular day. And even if you don’t do anything specifically important or special in a day, and you end up filming your office desk or your coffee order, they’re all part of what make up your adventures.

PLUS… it requires minimal effort. It’s a slow project but at the end of the year, you’ve got about 5.5minutes of adventures, and I assure you that you’ll thank yourself when you watch your year back.

Below is my 1SE video from 2016. Let me know what you think! I’m making another 1SE for 2017 so watch this space! I’ll also be making a proper travel video (maybe with a bit of Kygo overtop) so once I sift through my 100’s of Gigabytes of footage, I’ll be onto it.

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