I’ve Been (Nearly) Everywhere Man!

These are just some places I’ve been in the world. I still have many more continents, countries and cities to explore, but this is what I’ve done so far!

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Everywhere! Except Tasmania which is definitely on my list of places to go!

My beautiful home town of Port Stephens


Innsbruck // Salzburg // Hopfgarten (2013)

Innsbruck Spanish Castle, Austria
A Winter Wonderland in Innsbruck, Austria


San Ignacio // Caye Caulker

Snorkelling the Barrier Reef in Caye Caulker


Montréal // Toronto // Québec City (2016)

View of Montreal from Mont-Royal


Shanghai (2013)

Stunning Shanghai. Welcome to the future

 Czech Republic

Prague (where I nearly died from alcohol poisoning) (2013)

Rooftops of Prague


London // Brighton // Leeds // York // Whitby // Harrogate //


London… my home away from home


Paris, Paris (again), Paris (again for my birthday!) (2013) //

PARIS 2016 (I’ve been there FIVE times because I love it so much!)

La Rochelle // Bordeaux (2016)

La Rochelle. The cutest little place you’ve ever seen


Munich // Dachau (2013)

Sombering moment at Dachau concentration camp.


Zakynthos (Zante) (2013)

Banana beach! Totally worth the dangerous motorbike ride there


Antigua // Lake Atitlan // Rio Dulce // Flores // Tikal

The colourful streets of Antigua


Budapest (2013)

Thermal pools in Budapest


Reykjavik // Golden Circle(tour) (2013) //

Westman Islands // ROAD TRIP (2016)

Surrounded by mountains on the Westman Islands


Venice // Rome // Naples // Pompeii (2013)

The beautiful canals of Venice


Dublin // Cork // Galway // Derry/Londonderry (whatever you prefer to call it) // Belfast (2013)

Irish coastline near the Giant’s Causeway.


Mahaual // Mexico City


New Zealand

Palmerston North // Wellington // Lake Taupo // Rotarua // Tauranga // Auckland // Hamilton // Christchurch // Queenstown // (2010)

Mud baths in Rotarua, New Zealand


Amsterdam (2013)

Tulips in Amsterdam


Oslo (Ok I didn’t really go to Norway, however I did spend a lovely 9 hours in its small airport overnight, freezing my ass off, trying to sleep and drinking coffee/eating baguettes only to find out that because of the exchange rate, paid 15pounds for a baguette! It’s also stamped in my passport. So even though I don’t really consider that I’ve been to Norway, I did have an interesting experience there so I still count it). (2013)



The insane traffic of Manila


Krakow (2013)

Celebrating NYE in Krakow


Edinburgh // St. Andrews // Oban // Isle of Skye // Inverness // Aberdeen // Dundee (2013)

Hiking in the Scottish Highlands


San Sebastian // Barcelona (2016)

Soaking up the sun in San Sebastian

United States

Washington D.C // Boston // New York City // San Francisco // Pacific Coast Highway // Los Angeles // Hawaii

Capitol Hill before the world went crazy and voted for Trump

The Adventures of a Worldly Addict

Travel completes me.

I don’t know whether it’s the thrill of meeting new people, deciphering street names, tasting the local cuisine or wondering the back streets of the world, one cobblestone path after another. But whatever it is, it’s beautiful hand has captured my heart and spirit.

So, where I have I been in this beautiful, big, wide world? Just a few places. When I was young, my family and I traveled around Australia in a caravan. I can’t remember much, but I know that’s definitely what triggered my intrigue in the world around me. After living in rural South Australia, Tropical North Queensland, and beautiful Port Stephens (my home town), I’m quite used to packing up my life into a bag and starting a new one somewhere else.


When I was in Year 10, I did a 3 month Rotary Student Exchange to New Zealand, Palmerston North, where I first saw snow, attended an all girls high school and… tried alcohol for the first time (sorry Mum).

After I graduated from high school, I worked my arse off, once again packed my life into a backpack, and this time… London was calling.

So last year, I called little old London town, home. Where I lived and worked for a year, traveling when I had the funds. It was by far the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever achieved.

Travelwise… I went skiing in Austria, immersed myself in the café culture of Amsterdam, strolled through the streets of Paris 3 times (yes, I love Paris), explored the Scottish Highlands (the sexiest accent around), spent St Patrick’s Day in Dublin drinking Guiness and Jameson, rocked out to Bastille in Munich, partied for a week in Zante, Greece, went back in time Italy, celebrated New Years Eve in Krakow, got lost along the Danube in Budapest, got alcohol poisoning in Prague (the city where beer is literally cheaper than water), saw glaciers in Iceland and of course, explored the wonders of England and everything that the country itself, London, has to offer.

Photographer - Adelaide Haynes
Photographer – Adelaide Haynes

In total I’ve been to 16 countries and hope that number increases significantly in the near future.

But where will I go next? Well for now, I’m settled into Wollongong, the South Coast of Australia, studying International Studies with Communication and Media. In 2016, I’m hoping to complete an exchange for a year in France to become fluent in French and discover the many more gems of Europe, in particular; Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt.

At the moment, Brazil is a stand out of somewhere I’d like to explore (the 2nd sexiest accent).

So what’s this blog about then? I’ve finished my travels and am now just a boring uni student? I did keep a travel blog http://crimsonthoughts.travellerspoint.com  or http://missadelaide.travellerspoint.com If you’d like to check it out. However, after being back home for 3 months now, I’ve had some time to reflect and think about my time abroad. So read on to find out about my adventures, recommendations, guides, must do’s, thoughts and perspectives as a traveler and hopefully not so boring uni student.


Photographer - Adelaide Haynes
Photographer – Adelaide Haynes