Being a Stylish and Practical Traveller

Now that you’ve decided if you want to take a suitcase or backpack overseas on your big adventure, it’s time to pack it! These items and words of advice are things that I wish people told me to take/not to take, so I hope that this is helpful. *Also note that this is more for people traveling in winter for up to 3 months compared to people moving overseas to live. Also, things you pack will greatly depend on what time of the year you’re going travelling, but with European summers/winters, they’re never quite predictable.*

Check out this youtube video of easy steps to pack your bag

As you’re packing, lay everything out neatly on your bed so that you can visualise everything before you shove it into your bag.


1 – Passport – You’re not going to get very far without it

2 – Bank Cards – Register them with your bank to inform them you’ll be overseas

3 – Money – Have some local currency on you when you land

4 – Travel Insurance – You just never know what life is going to throw at you

5 – Medication – Pack any medicine you may need and check that they comply with laws of the country you’re entering. It’s not a bad idea to have a little first aid kit with you either. With some bandaids, antiseptic cream, panadol, nurofen and cold and flu tablets. Don’t worry about taking anti-diarrhoea or anti-nausea tablets because most European countries have high standards of food preparation and water quality. If you’re unfortunate enough to catch something bad, speak to the hostel staff immediately so they can assist you.


1 – Phone – I took my iPhone 5 and it was literally my life, if you take a smart phone, then I wouldn’t recommend taking a laptop. It’ll just be heavy in your bag and you run the risk of losing it or getting it stolen

2 – Camera – You want a good little camera to document your trip and that you can just put in your pocket. Unless you’re a professional photographer, a massive Canon SLR will just be chunky and in the way.

3 – Chargers – Make sure you have the chargers to all of your electronic devices!

4 – Adaptors – Make sure you have an AU-EU or AU-UK adaptor before you go so you can charge your phone as soon as your check in


In the Bag

1 – 1 pair of boots – I took my black Doc Martens and man they go with absolutely everything!

2- 1 big, warm, long coat – you will be wearing this everyday, so make sure its warm and you love it! (Opt for navy or black,  it’s practical but also hides dirt/marks)

My favourite Oasis coat, jeans and Docs - Saint Andrews, Scotland
My favourite Oasis coat, jeans and Docs – Saint Andrews, Scotland

3 – 2 pairs of thermals – I took a thermal singlet (which I legit wore every day) a long sleeve thermal for those extra cold days, and 2 pairs of thermal tights (I also wore them everyday)

4 – Your swimmers – It may be winter and snowing outside, but you never know where you’re going to end up

5 – Socks and Undies – This is where you thanks Mum for the mundane presents on your birthday. Take enough underwear to last you 2 weeks because you don’t know when you’ll get to do your washing next. Take 2 pairs of thermal, fluffy socks and 3 pairs of little ankle socks (whenever I went out in freezing conditions, I sometimes wore 2 or 3 pairs of socks at once). Also girls, you really don’t need that many bras. Personally, I’d take 3, max! They just take up room.

6 – 3 T-shirts – you can wear these all the time, they’re comfy and practical

7 – 1 pair of jeans – black of denim will go with everything. If you’ve got a bit more room you can pack 2 paris but you can definitely get by just on 1.

8 – 1 or 2 going out outfits – for girls this is easy, pack 2 pretty/sexy dresses for when you hit up the town. Boys, just a nice pair of trousers, chinos, and a dress shirt so you can pull all the ladies.

9- Gloves/Beanies/Hats/Scarves – Invest in 1 good scarf, 1 pair of warm and water proof gloves (i own beautiful leather ones) and 1 cool beanie that will go with most things. Keep these in a separate part of your bag because you’ll be accessing these all the time.

My other gorgeous Forever New coat, jeans, Docs, favourite scarf and beanie that I wore everywhere! - Krakow, Poland
My other gorgeous Forever New coat, jeans, Docs, favourite scarf and beanie that I wore everywhere! – Krakow, Poland

10 – Thongs – and for you non-Australians, I mean ‘flip-flops.’ If you’re staying in hostels, you want to be wearing thongs in those showers. Because you have no idea what’s happened there before… ewww.

11 – Toiletries – Have a toiletries bag to keep everything together. You’ll need shampoo/conditioner (you can buy bottles where they’re 2 in 1), face wash, face wipes, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, moisturiser, make-up for girls and anything else you use in the shower on a regular basis.

12 – A diary – I kept a diary whilst overseas and it’s my favourite thing to do, read back over it and reminisce about my adventures.

13 – A friendly attitude and open mind – you’re going to meet so many incredible people from every corner of this globe. Ask questions, go out, talk, adventure, get lost and learn along the way. Open your mind and you never know what you might discover next.


Backpack or Suitcase?

Backpack or Suitcase?

The age old question. Do you want to rock out the backpacker look or stroll elegantly and easily with a suitcase? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and as someone who’s experienced both, I feel that I’ve got it down pat.

I initially went over to London with a big suitcase. Suitcases are good because you can squeeze a lot of stuff in there, so when you’re moving overseas to establish a new life, it’s quite convenient. Also, pulling it along behind you in easy and pretty much effortless. However, when you’re tired and it’s late at night and you’re changing trains, trying to heave 30kg of luggage up the station’s stairs… you start to question life as you know it! In my experience, there will usually be a few people who will offer to help you out, generally men, trying to do a good deed, but also assert their strength. And then they go to pick it up and you see them channel every depth of strength contained in their body to lift it up those stairs. Their eyes, filled with regret yet determination. I truly do admire these people, however, it just adds to me feeling useless and sometimes I just can’t help but laugh.

Backpacks are cool. Full stop.

After struggling around trains and public transport for about a month in the UK, I was fed up. My little beauty is a 66L TRESPASS, which I got on sale for about £30. And it was the best decision I’ve made. It does limit your luggage (mine usually weighed between 10-15kgs) but that’s generally a good thing. Because really, how many pairs of jeans do you need? (the answer is 1 by the way).

About to jet off to Iceland
About to jet off to Iceland

Backpacks generally don’t get in people’s way too, making you feel like less of a nuisance. It’s easy to carry, there’s lots of straps that you can tie around your waist to take the strain off of your back, however I must say that after about half an hour of wondering around with that thing on my back, lost somewhere in Budapest, I need a coffee break. Also, at airports, they always make you drop your bag off at the oversized baggage drop. Just in case they felt you needed the extra walk with it. But it gives you the greatest workout ever! Works your back, arm, stomach and leg muscles so if you don’t eat too many Yorkshire puddings or drink too much beer (which you will), you might actually keep in shape!

Then there’s also the overnight bag. A crucial thing you need, especially when you’re settling down somewhere. Perfect for those weekend trips away to avoid paying Ryanair’s baggage fees (10kg and that’s it).

Also a must need for the ladies is a little handbag. Trust me… it’s a lifesaver! Because you will go out and party, and have a great time, and you don’t want to be shoving everything down your bra. I bought a little shoulder bag from Primark for £2. And that thing was my saving grace. Somewhere safe to stash your phone, wallet, lippy, whatever you need, whilst you’re out to avoid the prying hands of pick pocketers.

Obviously you can tell I’m definitely pro-backpacks. They’re convenient, easy to carry, give you a work out and they look damn cool!


The Adventures of a Worldly Addict

Travel completes me.

I don’t know whether it’s the thrill of meeting new people, deciphering street names, tasting the local cuisine or wondering the back streets of the world, one cobblestone path after another. But whatever it is, it’s beautiful hand has captured my heart and spirit.

So, where I have I been in this beautiful, big, wide world? Just a few places. When I was young, my family and I traveled around Australia in a caravan. I can’t remember much, but I know that’s definitely what triggered my intrigue in the world around me. After living in rural South Australia, Tropical North Queensland, and beautiful Port Stephens (my home town), I’m quite used to packing up my life into a bag and starting a new one somewhere else.


When I was in Year 10, I did a 3 month Rotary Student Exchange to New Zealand, Palmerston North, where I first saw snow, attended an all girls high school and… tried alcohol for the first time (sorry Mum).

After I graduated from high school, I worked my arse off, once again packed my life into a backpack, and this time… London was calling.

So last year, I called little old London town, home. Where I lived and worked for a year, traveling when I had the funds. It was by far the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever achieved.

Travelwise… I went skiing in Austria, immersed myself in the café culture of Amsterdam, strolled through the streets of Paris 3 times (yes, I love Paris), explored the Scottish Highlands (the sexiest accent around), spent St Patrick’s Day in Dublin drinking Guiness and Jameson, rocked out to Bastille in Munich, partied for a week in Zante, Greece, went back in time Italy, celebrated New Years Eve in Krakow, got lost along the Danube in Budapest, got alcohol poisoning in Prague (the city where beer is literally cheaper than water), saw glaciers in Iceland and of course, explored the wonders of England and everything that the country itself, London, has to offer.

Photographer - Adelaide Haynes
Photographer – Adelaide Haynes

In total I’ve been to 16 countries and hope that number increases significantly in the near future.

But where will I go next? Well for now, I’m settled into Wollongong, the South Coast of Australia, studying International Studies with Communication and Media. In 2016, I’m hoping to complete an exchange for a year in France to become fluent in French and discover the many more gems of Europe, in particular; Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt.

At the moment, Brazil is a stand out of somewhere I’d like to explore (the 2nd sexiest accent).

So what’s this blog about then? I’ve finished my travels and am now just a boring uni student? I did keep a travel blog  or If you’d like to check it out. However, after being back home for 3 months now, I’ve had some time to reflect and think about my time abroad. So read on to find out about my adventures, recommendations, guides, must do’s, thoughts and perspectives as a traveler and hopefully not so boring uni student.


Photographer - Adelaide Haynes
Photographer – Adelaide Haynes