I’ve Been (Nearly) Everywhere Man!

These are just some places I’ve been in the world. I still have many more continents, countries and cities to explore, but this is what I’ve done so far!

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Everywhere! Except Tasmania which is definitely on my list of places to go!

My beautiful home town of Port Stephens


Innsbruck // Salzburg // Hopfgarten (2013)

Innsbruck Spanish Castle, Austria
A Winter Wonderland in Innsbruck, Austria


San Ignacio // Caye Caulker

Snorkelling the Barrier Reef in Caye Caulker


Montréal // Toronto // Québec City (2016)

View of Montreal from Mont-Royal


Shanghai (2013)

Stunning Shanghai. Welcome to the future

 Czech Republic

Prague (where I nearly died from alcohol poisoning) (2013)

Rooftops of Prague


London // Brighton // Leeds // York // Whitby // Harrogate //


London… my home away from home


Paris, Paris (again), Paris (again for my birthday!) (2013) //

PARIS 2016 (I’ve been there FIVE times because I love it so much!)

La Rochelle // Bordeaux (2016)

La Rochelle. The cutest little place you’ve ever seen


Munich // Dachau (2013)

Sombering moment at Dachau concentration camp.


Zakynthos (Zante) (2013)

Banana beach! Totally worth the dangerous motorbike ride there


Antigua // Lake Atitlan // Rio Dulce // Flores // Tikal

The colourful streets of Antigua


Budapest (2013)

Thermal pools in Budapest


Reykjavik // Golden Circle(tour) (2013) //

Westman Islands // ROAD TRIP (2016)

Surrounded by mountains on the Westman Islands


Venice // Rome // Naples // Pompeii (2013)

The beautiful canals of Venice


Dublin // Cork // Galway // Derry/Londonderry (whatever you prefer to call it) // Belfast (2013)

Irish coastline near the Giant’s Causeway.


Mahaual // Mexico City


New Zealand

Palmerston North // Wellington // Lake Taupo // Rotarua // Tauranga // Auckland // Hamilton // Christchurch // Queenstown // (2010)

Mud baths in Rotarua, New Zealand


Amsterdam (2013)

Tulips in Amsterdam


Oslo (Ok I didn’t really go to Norway, however I did spend a lovely 9 hours in its small airport overnight, freezing my ass off, trying to sleep and drinking coffee/eating baguettes only to find out that because of the exchange rate, paid 15pounds for a baguette! It’s also stamped in my passport. So even though I don’t really consider that I’ve been to Norway, I did have an interesting experience there so I still count it). (2013)



The insane traffic of Manila


Krakow (2013)

Celebrating NYE in Krakow


Edinburgh // St. Andrews // Oban // Isle of Skye // Inverness // Aberdeen // Dundee (2013)

Hiking in the Scottish Highlands


San Sebastian // Barcelona (2016)

Soaking up the sun in San Sebastian

United States

Washington D.C // Boston // New York City // San Francisco // Pacific Coast Highway // Los Angeles // Hawaii

Capitol Hill before the world went crazy and voted for Trump

1 New Friend Request

‘Hey, yea I’m from (insert country here).’
‘Oh really? I want to go there one day.’
‘Ah well add me and when you come hit me up.

I’ve had this conversation so many times. And my facebook friends keep growing in number as you meet people from everywhere across the globe. There are so many places that I do wish to visit in the world and yes if you’ll let me crash on your lounge and take me out to your favourite bar, let’s do it. However, I just recently got to thinking about all the people you meet through your travels, you might have an amazing time with them, and you may never see them again, but you’ll always see their status updates and keep up to date on their life.

My Romanian/German friends overlooking the Danube River - Budapest, Hungary
My Romanian/German friends overlooking the Danube River – Budapest, Hungary

 Twenty years ago, you would’ve had a great time out with some cool people, went your separate ways, never saw them again, and they may cross your mind a few years later as you reminisce.
But now due to facebook, a night out turns into a virtual connection lasting a lifetime.
And it gets me thinking about what it really means to be someone’s friend, beyond a friendship request.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love scrolling down my news feed and seeing things in all different languages, with pictures from the snow, mountains or beaches. And I love the fact that at some point in our two very different lives, our paths crossed, we smiled at each other and formed a bond. The unfortunate thing really is, I still know everything that’s happening to you in your life, but I genuinely don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. And you’ll see what’s happening in this person’s life for years to come.
So how do you cut people out of your life now? You really can’t. Whereas 20 years ago, if you outgrew someone, that was it. But now it’s all so personal and people take great offence to being blocked or deleted. Life definitely needs those buttons to filter out those people who are no good for you, but does it have to be so public? It’s such a relief when you do realise that you don’t need certain people in your life and you can cut them out, but until then your friend requests keep rolling in.

The coolest roomates you could ask for in a hostel, French, Slovenian, American and German friends - Edinburgh, Scotland
The coolest roomates you could ask for in a hostel, French, Slovenian, American and German friends – Edinburgh, Scotland

Some of my closest friends that I have the fondest memories with , are people that you share intimate moments with. Whether it’s telling them your secrets, going on an adventure together, staying up until 3am just talking about nothing in particular, calling them when you’re in trouble and just someone to hug and who makes you feel at home. And it’s just a bonus if you can crash on their lounge when you go traveling to their home country. But it’s those relationships that last beyond that one night out, you message them, have your little inside jokes, have numerous photos with them and you’re already planning when you can see eachother again. You don’t necessarily have to talk everyday or skype once a week, but when you do talk, it’s like it was yesterday. And when you talk, you’re not telling them everything you’ve done for the past month, instead just having a general conversation filled with laughter that doesn’t really make sense.

My American friends at the Cliffs of Moher - Ireland
My American friends at the Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

It’s crazy how social media has changed friendships especially within the travel community, because back in the day if you really wanted to keep in touch with someone special, you would get their home address, print off some pictures, write a letter and send it across the world which could take weeks. But now everything is instantaneous. Night out. Take some photos. Have a good chat. Discuss future travel plans. ‘Oh add me.’ And done, you’re now friends for life, where that friendship once wouldn’t have exceeded that night.

And I’m not saying in any way that this is a bad thing at all, it’s fantastic. 20 years ago it would’ve been impossible to have pen pals from Brazil, America, Canada, Scotland, France, Sweden, China… all at the same time. I am so thankful for all the incredible people I’ve met in my travels from all across the world, and I probably follow you on facebook, Instagram or twitter. I wish you all of the best in your lives and really do hope I get to crash on your lounge at some point and my offer is always there, if you’re ever in Australia, please do come a visit. Until then keep the status updates, snapchats, tweets and posts coming.


p.s (everyone in these photos are truly incredible! we shared some amazing times together and these photos are just a small reminder of the memories i’ll carry with my for life).