These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: JANUARY 2019

Oh January, what a crazy month you are! Everyone’s making jokes about how they haven’t seen you all year, scribbling out 8’s and changing them to 9’s in their diaries, and people saying that they’ll start their new year resolutions next year instead. January was a hectic month, especially when you start 2019 in one of the most hectic cities on earth, Tokyo. Between starting two new jobs, moving and finishing a whirlwind trip around Japan, January was pretty great!

🍣 Japan

So I started the year with an absolute bang! New Years Eve in Tokyo followed by a whirlwind trip through the magical streets of Tokyo and a journey into a snowglobe to see the snow monkeys! A Japan travel blog is coming your way soon – so watch this space!


OK so I’d go as far to say that I don’t think anyone enjoys moving, but when you’re moving in with your girlfriend and two best friends, there’s a lot to be happy about! It’s actually a pretty big deal moving in with your significant other and it’s pretty damn awesome! Ah it’s just bliss!!

💼Starting new jobs

When one door closes, another one opens. And sometimes two open. This month I started two jobs. Still at UOW but in vastly different areas. In one, I’m an event coordinator, and the second, social media manager and website editor. It’s so awesome getting experience in all different areas because it’s helping me answer the age-old question of what I want to do with my life and what sort of career I want. I’m so excited that I get the opportunity to work in these vastly different areas until I figure out exactly what I want to do.

🎉Getting back in the swing of things

A new year means new adventures and new opportunities for shenanigans. I’ve only been back in the gong and back in action for a few weeks, but I’ve already had some lovely (and wild) times with some of the people I love the most.

 🎶 Tunes

Juice, by Lizzo 
So if this song doesn’t get you up and moving about, I don’t know what will! This pop anthem is exactly what I needed to get through this crazy month with a smile on my face and soul inspired dance moves!

Party Pill, by Cub Sport
Ooooh baby I am in love with this song and all of Cub Sport’s new album! I have had it on repeat for days (probably annoying the hell out of all my house mates), but it’s just so beautiful! I can’t help but sing along and feel overjoyed when listening to it!

 🎥 Flicks

Crazy Rich Asians
I finally got around to watching Crazy Rich Asians!!! When it first came out I was dying to get to watch it, and now only a few months later, and strapped to a plane I finally got around to watching it! It’s feel good, it’s fun and it ticked all my hopeless romantic boxes.


The Last Girl, by Nadia Murad
Wow this book is essential to anyone who is interested in women’s rights, conflict and international relations. Nadia recounts her enslavement and torture under ISIS after being taken away from her small town in Iraq. I think this book is an absolute must for anyone slightly confused by the situation in Iraq, she does an incredible job explaining the conflict. She also recounts her horrific experiences with control and grace. It’s intense and awful, but it’s real and I urge you to read it as well.

When Breath Becomes Ari, by Paul Kalanithi
I have never been so confronted by my own mortality before reading this book. This book tells the story of a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with lung cancer and his journey to face and accept his own mortality. It’s beautifully written and I promise it will inspire some deep thoughts and reflections for everyone who reads it.

The Art of Travel, by Alain de Botton
OK so I actually read this in December and I forgot to include it in my favourite things list (woops!). But this absolutely deserved its own mention and praise. For anyone with itchy feet and a serious case of the travel bug, you will love this book. There are so many moments that deeply struck me and made me reflect on why I travel, where I travel to, when I travel and what I get out of it. I would absolutely recommend it before your next trip and I assure you, you will experience travel profoundly differently.

📸 Bloggers, Vloggers and Podders

George Ezra and friends
Yep, George Ezra has a podcast and it’s actually good! I know that celebrities cop a lot of shit for having their own podcasts and interviewing other celebrities, but this is genuinely entertaining and informative. If you’re vaguely a fan of George Ezra and have an interest in the music industry and what it’s like touring, producing albums and dealing with fame, you’ll find this hits the spot!

📝 Quote

January saw some pretty powerful movement in the stars. So I set my intentions for the year and put them out into the universe. My most valued intention for 2019 was to put myself first. And no, not in a selfish, shallow way, but a deep and profound way. Pursue my interests, goals, ambitions, respect that my thoughts and feelings and important and valuable, and look after myself. This month was filled with a lot of change and I think February will allow me to sift through the settled dust and make sense of where I’m at. I’m really bloody looking forward to it!

Thank you January for showing me what I can do and achieve in such a short amount of time. I feel so grateful for my mind, body and spirit and I am determined to not only protect it but grow, learn and challenge myself. February, let’s do this!

18 Things I Want To Achieve in 2018

It’s that time of year again… New Years Resolution time! Last year I must’ve been super pumped for 2017 because I set 52 goals for 2017. And after recently reflecting on my achievements (or lack thereof), I thought it might be a better idea to consolidate that number right back down and set some meaningful goals.

2018 I’m coming for you!

  1. Explore a new state. I’m thinking South Australia, Tasmania or Northern Territory. After such a great year of discovering different parts of Australia, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of exploring your own backyard. Australia is so diverse and freakin huge and I want to see as much of it as possible.
  2. City2Surf. You’ve heard it here first… I’m going to sign up for the City2Surf again! But this time, I want to actually train for it! Dicko – get your shoes ready…. it’s race time!
  3. Graduate with 1st Class Honours. Ah OK that’s a big, scary one. But you have to put these big and scary goals out in to the universe and truly believe you can do it. Honours (I’m sure) will be hectic, but I would absolutely love to make it to the end with 1st class. If I don’t, I’m sure I will have still worked hard and tried my best. But let’s dream big, and work hard for a 1st! (eek).
  4. YOGA. This was on my list for 2017 and I really didn’t do it anywhere near as much as I would have liked. Yoga always leaves me feeling recharged, re-centred, healthy and flexible so I just have to bring it into 2018 more. Under this goal also comes: healthy eating, meditation, taking time for myself and all that other basic yet important stuff!
  5. Try something new. When was the last time you did something for the first time? I’m thinking along the lines of a dance class, sailing… something a bit random and different to push myself out of my comfort zone.
  6. Discover a new country. Again, putting it out there, I don’t know how, when, with who, why but travel and adventure is so important to me and at the end of next year I want to be able to say I’ve been to another country. The real question is which one?
  7. Save some adult money. So I’m not going to say how much but I want to have some actual proper money behind me for all of those adult things that are sure to come my way sooner or later. Of course I want money to travel and see and do all of these wonderful things but I think it’s time for some serious saving!!
  8. Show gratitude. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people around me. My friends, family, colleagues, soul mate friends and boyfriend… are all so supportive and encouraging of me. Your support network, your squad, your gang, they’re the people who make and shape you and I can never express how grateful I am for these people. Whether it’s a note, a coffee date, a conversation, a check in, a movie date… it’s always important to say thank you to those people who are there to support you.
  9. Write write write. When I look back at my blog and diary, I’m so proud that I’ve written so much. Whether it’s advice, thoughts, opinions or ‘my favourite things’ (thanks Chantelle for keeping me on my toes with that one), I love expressing myself through writing. Along with my blog (of course) and Twenty Something Humans, I want to also submit my work elsewhere… a magazine, a site, a newspaper, a blog… Getting my work published is an absolute dream. But dreams don’t get handed to you, you gotta work for them.
  10. Spend less time on my phone. OK I know this is a pretty common goal, but I think it’s a pretty necessary one. Over the past few months I’ve felt glued to my phone, anxious when I don’t know where it is, when I don’t have reception or not checking my emails. And it’s absolutely draining. Sure, phones are extremely handy and I couldn’t live without it, but I should be able to live a few hours or even a few days without it.
  11. Twerk it. So maybe not actually twerk, but I definitely wanna get the heart pumping, sweat dripping and booty twerking. Whether it’s riding my bike, going for a run (haha what?), playing netball, going swimming… being fit and healthy is so important for your body and mind. Plus it’ll keep the booty in fine shape hehe.
  12. Podcast, video and content creation. If you’ve been following my blog for the past few months, you would know that I have been creating content for Twenty Something Humans. It’s an amazing website dedicated to us millennials. Writing for them has been amazing because it’s something I really believe in, relate to and find comes naturally (Kate – you’re absolutely killing it!). A few months ago I mentioned maybe making a video for them but I never got around to it. So this year I would love to get more involved and more creative with not only Twenty Something Humans, but also my blog!
  13. Attend a conference. To be honest, I have no idea what conference, where, when, how, but I feel like attending a big event where I can learn, network and be inspired would be super cool. Why not?!
  14. Volunteer and get involved. Volunteering and being involved in the local community is one of the things that keeps me going, fills my heart and makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful. I often find that I learn more than I teach and grow more than I thought imaginable. It makes me feel a part of something bigger than my own little world and it feels amazing.
  15. Meet new people. I’m pretty proud to say that I am completely a people person. I love meeting new people, hearing about their lives, their stories and experiences. I feel that it’s very important to always keep on your toes and meet new people to challenge yourself and also make new friends. This means saying yes to events and putting myself out there to meet these people and expand that friendship group.
  16. Read read read. The past few months I’ve been smashing out the books and there is absolutely no better feeling than finishing a good book. I want to read fiction, non-fiction, about history, people, nature and science. So if you have any recommendations, throw them this way.
  17. Believe in myself as much as I believe in others. I generally think of myself as the best co-pilot around. I don’t really enjoy being the pilot, the one taking control and charging ahead. I prefer to be the co-pilot, the supportive, ready to go person who believes in the pilot’s ability to do the job. Whilst I don’t think this characteristic is going to change, I think it’s time I start believing in myself as much as I believe in others, and as much as others believe in me “She believed she could, so she did.” Part 1 is believe, part 2 is do.
  18. Be fierce. Yes this was a goal from last year, but it worked out pretty damn well. So 2018, I will be fierce again. I will be stronger, braver, kinder, unstoppable and unapologetically myself. Being fierce gives me strength, keeps me humble and keeps me motivated. Maybe if I’m fierce this year and next, and maybe the one after that, I will live a strongly fierce life with kindness, love and passion – all I could ever ask for.

What are your New Years resolutions? Let me know! I hope 2018 is wonderful and filled with love, peace and a lot of booty shaking!

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