These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: MUSIC

If anyone knows me in the slightest, they’ll be able to tell you that I love a good dance and sing along. I probably say ‘OMG I love this song,’ about 50 times a day, so when it comes to music… it’s kind of a big deal. Along with having just voted for Triple J Hottest 100, I thought now would be a good time to share some of my favourite tunes from 2015! (Note: They’re not all from this year, in fact I’m a bit of a sucker for being 2 years behind the times, but it doesn’t stop them from being AMAZING songs).


Future Music Festival

You can read about my experience here. The absolute highlight for me was seeing Die Antwood and Nero. They absolutely KILLED it!

Ed Sheeran

The ginger man himself. I may or may not have cried when I went and saw him in April. He absolutely rocked it. There’s not many people that could perform just with an acoustic guitar in front of thousands of people!

Alt-J & Asgeir

What a combo! Seeing Asgeir had been a dream of mine since having to sell my tickets to see him last year. And when I found out he was supporting Alt J… I grabbed two friends and bought tickets ASAP!


The best $15 I’ve ever spent and the cheapest I’ll probably ever see them again. Held at our local uni bar, I was blown away by the quality and talent of the band. Definitely going places!

Fox and the Hound

The singer may only be a 7 but their music is an 11! I’ve probably listened to their EP waaaaaaay too many times. Please hurry up and release an album!

Mumford & Sons Festival

Such good value for money! A one day mini festival in the Domain. Featuring the beautiful Meg Mac, Jake Bugg and plenty of others we danced through the rain and had an absolute blast!

SONG – Top 15

  1. Bed Peace – Jhene Aiko Feat. Childish Gambino

2. Emoticons – The Wombats

3. Two Weeks – #1 Dads (Like A Version)

4. Perth – Bon Iver

5. Kids – The Kooks (Like a Version)

6. Coffee – Miguel

7. Love for that – Mura Masa

8. Glosoli – Sigur Ros

9. Five More Hours – Chris Brown

10. Concrete – Fred Page

11. Brain – BANKS

12. Where are U now – Diplo and Justin Bieber

13.Alive – Sia

14. 2 On – Tinashe

15. Taro – Alt J


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.55.01 pm
My Hottest 100 Vote for 2015

Aaaaaaaannnddd that’s a wrap!!! Can’t wait for some new releases from some of these artists and to discover some more! Who were your favourite artists from 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

Hugs Not Drugs @Future Music Festival

Future Music Festival… one of the few times of the year roided up guys and fake titted girls can show off what they’ve got to 30,000 other people, whilst gabba-ing, pinging and crowd surfing. Ok, so a little bit exaggerated, but none the less, there sure are a lot of drugs there. Pills, pingas, e, molly… whatever you want to call it, every second person seems to be on it. So here are my reasons being sober at a festival (minus a few vodka redbulls) is the best way to enjoy your day.


To be honest, if you want to go ahead and do it, that’s fine by me, but the bottom line is that pills are illegal in Australia and can cause adverse effects. Security at festivals are usually really tight, with police and sniffer dogs everywhere. To be honest, I was quite surprised at the relative lack of security at Future this year however, is sneaking drugs in really worth a massive fine, or a criminal record? Hell no!

Then there’s the people that don’t know their limits and go too hard and crash hard. Whilst my friends are I were enjoying our lunch, a boy and a girl sat next to us. The girls eyes were rolling back in her head and she was struggling to keep her head up. Her friend just kept asking, ‘are you ok, are you ok?’ Obviously she’s not OK mate! We asked if she needed help and she murmured ‘i’m fine.’ She’s definitely not fine. The girl then began to froth at the mouth before vomiting down herself. We ran and grabbed the police where she refused help, but eventually led her to the emergency tent. Apart from being worried for the girls safety, I was saddened that she got to this state and couldn’t enjoy the rest of the festival.

On a side note of why you won’t see me smuggling pills any time soon, I’ll spare the details but why would you smuggle drugs into a festival in your… ummm… cavities? Ew


And what about me? I just had a few vodka redbulls and let the awesome dance music carry me away. The best part… I could remember every awesome thing that happened, I wasn’t completely wrecked the next day, I don’t have a massive fine or criminal record and I could stay in control and remain aware and alert in an environment which is rather unpredictable.

So stay safe and get high on life and music!

xxx A