These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: NOVEMBER 2018

The scariest thing about November being over is that it’s now DECEMBER! How the heck did that happen? I must admit, December is one of my favourite months. It’s sunnier for longer, people are happy, festive and cheery and everyone’s optimistic about the new year. But before I get too ahead of myself, let’s look back on the whirlwind month of November.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.14.06 AM

☕ Little fam date in Sydney

Unfortunately I don’t get to see my family much because of my busy work and social life commitments. But I was stoked when Mum and Elly agreed to meet me in Sydney for a lunch date. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything big and wild, you just need to have a long lunch and a good ol catch up. We wandered through Glebe and found a leafy courtyard to enjoy some coffee. It was such a nice day we ordered a snack, and then lunch, and then more coffee. It was one of those effortless, organic conversations that didn’t want to end. I’m so grateful for these moments and cherish my family so so much.

💡 Getting a HD for my thesis

So I finally received my results for my thesis and……. High Distinction!!! I seriously could not believe it! I had a dream when I was abroad that I got a 73. Not that that’s a bad mark but I was at least aiming for a 75 (distinction). The fact that I got an 85 (HD) blew my mind! It’s crazy because now I feel like I’m actually finished! What a mammoth project! All of my hard work has been recognised and I’ve been rewarded for it.


🇮🇩 Bali

So if you were following me on Instagram (and if you’re not… what are you doing?!), you would know that I spent two weeks in Bali with my girlfriend. It. Was. AMAZING! Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a holiday so perfect. There will be an entire post dedicated to our travel itinerary and highlights from the trip (so watch this space). But a highlight I can share with you would be swimming with manta rays in Nusa Penida and staying at an incredible boutique hotel in Uluwatu called Mû. I never really had the urge to go to Bali because I thought it was too touristy, too this and too that. But I can honestly say it is the perfect destination because you can make it whatever you want it to be. Stay tuned for more.


🎶 Tunes

I’ll still have me – CYN
So I recently came across this song on YouTube and I am in love! She’s so sweet and cute and this song is just amazing!

Ocean – Martin Garrix and Khalid
I’m not normally into this music but I love the emotions behind this song. You can bop along to it and I picture it as an epic montage song.

🎥 Flicks

The Letdown
Not that I’m a mother, but if I was I reckon this would be #relatable. It’s a short little show that you can find on Netflix. It’s funny, confronting and at some times, hilarious. The women share intimate insights into the somewhat mysterious world of motherhood (at least for someone where motherhood seems like a lifetime away).

The Bold Type
Ahhhhh #lifegoals! This series is incredible! I may have accidentally watched the entirety of season 2 in one day (I was sick in bed) but damn is this a great show. It’s witty, classy, political, sassy and downright AMAZING! I consider it a bit of a mix between Sex and the City and Younger and hello, sign me up!


📗 Book

Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel
A work colleague was kind enough to lend me this book. I don’t usually read fiction, especially a book that revolves around cooking. But this is a sensory delight. I love the way it ignites our primal sense of taste and smell through describing traditional Mexican dishes. A passionate story of love, cooking and family, this gorgeous little read is a lovely escape.


Can We All Be Feminists? by June Eric-Udorie
THIS. IS. A. MUST. READ! OMG I absolutely loved this book! 17 essays about intersectional feminism that will challenge your ideas of feminism and get you thinking about your privilege, power and own brand of feminism. I particularly loved the chapter on immigration policy and gender inequality (PhD anyone?!). Love love love!


Paris Echo, by Sebastian Faulks
So this isn’t my usual kind of book but it’s a good one! I’ve found lately that it’s crucial to mix up your reading and reading fiction is actually really important. I really loved this narrative and the two characters you become immersed in. I actually found it incredibly interesting because I had studied some of these moments of time in my French history class. Particularly regarding the independence of Algeria and Algerians in Paris. If you’re not across this incredibly important piece of French history, you’ll find this incredibly insightful. And if you love Paris, then you will love this book. 00117563-400x400.jpeg

📷 Bloggers, Vloggers and Podders (yep Podders is a thing).

The Cut on Tuesdays
This is cutting-edge! I absolutely love it. They talk about such pressing issues facing women every day. One of my favourite episodes is about pubes and wow I never knew that I needed that in my life! An absolute must for those of you interested in women’s rights, experiences and journeys throughout life.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.26.21 PM

📝 Quote

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with what you should be doing and comparing yourself to other people and where they’re up to in life. But something I love the most about holidays is that you’re completely disconnected from ‘reality’ back home (or at least you try to only check your emails once a day). When you’re in a foreign country and everything is new, I have an overwhelming sense of this is exactly where I am meant to be right now. And it’s beautiful. Embracing the now and the moment is really difficult for a lot of people. The simplicity of enjoying the moment is sometimes not so simple. But when you’re travelling, you notice the flowers, the streets, the sky, the smell and you take a deep breath and feel it. It’s something I will try to carry with me back to ‘reality.’


So November, you were wildly amazing and I feel so blessed for the opportunities that came my way this month. I am sooooo looking forward to December to see friends and family, celebrate, be festive, cheery and embrace the now – right before I head off on my next trip… do you know where I’m going? Stay tuned!


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