These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: October 2018

Well well well, the month of EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT ONCE is finally over! November you are so welcomed. This month has been absolutely hectic. I submitted my thesis, resolved our 9-month tribunal debacle and a huge weight has finally been lifted off my shoulders. It’s also been an incredible time for working on ‘me.’ So let’s look back at the crazy, hectic month of October!

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 4.08.47 PM

📝 Submitting my thesis

YAHOOOO! My 17,777 word thesis is done, finito, complete! What a bloody achievement (if I say so myself). Not many people saw the late nights, early mornings, mental breakdowns and anxious thoughts that went towards producing this crazy epic essay. It’s insane to think that a year or two ago, Honours is something I never thought I would do, or even could do. It’s hard to commit an entire year of your life dedicated to one topic and one paper. The topic of my thesis was “The American Dream: The Everyday Experience of Illegality in the US,” examining the historical development of US, immigration policy and the everyday challenges of illegal status affecting 11.3 million people in the US today. After travelling around Mexico last year and meeting migrants who had lived ‘illegally’ in the US, I dedicated my research to them. To anyone second-guessing their ability or are worried they can’t do something, perseverance is key. There’s a reason you’re doing this, and you CAN do this!


💰 Resolving a 9-month bond dispute

For anyone who’s had a conversation with me this year, you’re likely know about the 9 month ordeal I was involved in over a stupid bond dispute. I can honestly say that this has been one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to go through. Not just because it involved an official process which was pretty intimidating and terrifying, but because we were dealing with absolutely horrible people (aka real estate agents). Without going into too much detail (there’s a blog post to come don’t you worry!), I am so proud of myself that I stood up for myself and refused to be bullied and pushed around!

Lesson 1: friends and money do not mix
Lesson 2: real estate agents are the worst

This was the night I resolved our dispute. The same week I submitted my thesis. Let’s just say, we had a pretty wild night out. And yes, my shirt says Pussy Power.

🚗Road trip to the country

I was lucky enough to journey out to beautiful little Leeton with Soph and her sister Andy. There’s nothing quite like a little weekend away, especially with lovely humans like the Washingtons. Celebrating engagements and parties, I had the best time getting to know Soph’s family, playing the castanets and drinking A LOT of beer.









Of course, what’s a month without some antics with some beautiful friends. Whether it was a sunrise swim, an espresso martini, a glass of wine or a uni bar catch up, god I’ve got some great people surrounding me.








🎶 Tunes

Amy Winehouse. Everything of hers.
If you’re having a bad day and need some soulful tunes, then look no further than Amy Winehouse. There’s seriously nothing like her! It makes me want to head out to a secret jazz bar, wear a glamorous dress and smoke a cigar.

On another important note – have you seen the documentary on her life? It’s called Amy and I strongly recommend watching it because it is incredible!

Ruby Fields. Dinosaurs.
Damn there’s nothing quite like some badass rock music. Chuck Ruby Fields behind that guitar and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. The lyrics are so powerful and a real testament to her power as a singer and songwriter!

Meg Mac. Give me my name back.
Ooooh new Meg Mac?! Yes PLEASE! Damn this song could not come at a more necessary or appropriate time! I am in awe of the artwork she has produced through this song and it is incredible. It’s so powerful, emotive and personal, and if there’s another album on the way and this is a sign of what’s to come – socks = blown off.

Christine and the Queens.
Her album is INCREDIBLE! It’s like a French 90s disco/pop album that you must must must get around! Her songs explore gender and sexuality, and her androgynous appearance is superbly sexy. She’s coming to Australia next year and I cannot wait to get my hands on some tickets!

🎥 Flicks

This is an incredible little show on Netflix and I would totally recommend! Toni Collette is phenomenal (and her accent isn’t too bad either). I love how raw this show is and I love how it portrays people roughly my parents age. It hits home that parents are just people too and dealing with their own issues, thoughts and experiences. Perhaps we’re a little too tough on our parents who are just trying to figure it all out just like us.

Dark Tourist
For people who love travel and adventure – this is for you. Off the beaten track and down some dark paths. My favourite episode is ‘The Stans’ and recently I’ve been fascinated by the Stans. They go to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and it is incredible. I am so intrigued by these countries because we don’t hear anything about them. But with the rapid development of Central Asia and their strategic location between Russia, China and proximity with Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, the Stans will only come to be of more importance in years to come.

📗 Books

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, by Mark Manson.
I was incredibly sceptical about this book. Anything that seems to ‘take the world by storm,’ it’s important to be a little sceptical. But I can honestly say, that I really needed that book and I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the final chapter. It really made me reflect on life, my values and desires.


Boys Will Be Boys, by Clementine Ford.
WOW! Just wow. This is a loaded book and not for the faint-hearted. It makes you deeply angry, worried, concerned, empowered and strong. I read this not long after reading her first book that I reviewed here. Maybe I should’ve waited a little longer between books because I felt a bit saturated with ‘boys suck.’ But I absolutely implore you to read this. It is important and more sadly, it is a reality. I found myself nodding along with her words and had a deep reflection about my own experiences as a woman in today’s world. Both men and women should read this book, and both men and women should come together in the fight for gender equality.


📷 Bloggers and Vloggers (and Podders – what’s an equivalent for a podcaster?!)

Shameless, by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews
I have well and truly binge listened to this podcast! They call it ‘the podcast for smart girls, about dumb things,’ and well, if that isn’t me to a tee, I don’t know what is! But seriously, these conversations are awesome! I love their chemistry, the fact that they don’t always see eye to eye, and they talk about celebrity news and gossip that I care about. One of my favourites was on the topic of the ‘Serena Williams’ tantrum incident and I thought it was just bloody great! You’ll love this one!

Check out this binge worthy podcast here

Never Before with Janet Mock
Download download download!!! This woman is incredible. She is a beautiful storyteller and I think is a voice we should all be listening to. She is a trans woman who has written extensively on trans rights in the US and her personal experience as a trans woman. My favourite episode of hers is when she interview Kris Kardashian! I think it’s so important to listen to voices and stories of people wildly different from your own. Janet will have you engaged and enthralled!

Listen to Janet Mock here

📝 Quote

I think this quote is gorgeous. As someone who’s navigating post-uni life, I’m finding it challenging to view myself as a professional. It’s so easy to default to ‘student’ or ‘young adult,’ but I really am a young professional ready to take on the world. I love the challenge of rethinking how I see myself and despite the fact it’s daunting, it’s incredibly exciting.


Wow. What a huge month! I ticked so many huge milestones off my list and I have completed my third degree! I am sooooo looking forward to a well-deserved break in November (hello Bali!) and taking some time for myself. Watch out world, Adelaide’s coming in hot!



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