These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: September 2018

Well what a freakin hectic month. I seriously can’t believe I made it through! This month has definitely been the most stressful, intense and challenging one this year. Alas, I made it through in one piece. And with a month as hectic and stressful as mine, I promise that whatever you’re going through, you can get through it too! With my thesis due in a few short days I sincerely apologise for anyone I’ve had a conversation with lately! My mind is in a billion places, my heart is constantly racing and I’m just looking forward to my submission date and for October to be done! But before I get too ahead of myself, let’s have a look back on the month that was!

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🌷 Chantelle’s Birthday day trip to Bowral

It was my beautiful Chantelle’s birthday! Yay! She’s my best friend, soul sister and all-time legend. So of course, we had a special day for our special gal! So a group of us headed up to Bowral for a lovely little day trip. It was so cute!

🎓 Isaac’s graduation

So my (not so) little brother is all grown up and has finished high school! It’s crazy to think that 6 years ago I was in his shoes walking out the gates of Tomaree High School. Being back brought back so many young and happy memories and it made me so excited for Isaac and his friends moving on to their next stage of life. It also made me think, ‘damn I wonder if the next time I’m at one of these is for my kids? and if so, my kids better get all of those fancy awards!’ haha OK maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but ahhh I’m just so proud of him and it’s making me feel all these things!

📷 Coordinating a photoshoot

At work this month, I was lucky enough to coordinate a two day photoshoot. It was flipping awesome! I absolutely love organising people, coordinating events and making my ideas come to life! It was an awesome challenge and I even got a sneaky photo in there too! Of course!


🦉 Yours and Owls

Wollongong Christmas is here! Damn what an amazing music festival! The sun was shining (thanks to Dicko’s hourly weather updates), the beers were flowing, the music was pumping and after two days of awesome amazing fun, the head was hurting. I may not remember too much from Saturday, but hey – that means I was having fun right?! At the end of the day, it’s not about the music (though the acts were bloody amazing!), but it’s awesome to hang out with a group of friends, eat some food, have a few too many drinks and dance the night away.

🎶 Tunes

Hozier – Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples
Aw this song is freakin awesome! Filled with power it absolutely psyches me up and makes me feel like the powerful woman I am!

Marlin’s Dreaming – I’ll stick by you
No words, just get on it!

📷 Bloggers and Vloggers

Kingin It
These guys are hilarious! I love love love them and I’ve caught them on their adventures on the Mongol rally through Iran. WOW! It is incredible! I love watching YouTubers who travel to different locations (and not just around Europe and Bali) but showcase diverse voices, cultures and histories. These videos from Iran are truly inspiring and mesmerizing. As someone absolutely intrigued with discovering the world beyond what the media tell us, seeing these videos are incredibly inspiring. Would highly recommend.

Where’s Poppy
I’ve only recently stumbled across this awesome YouTuber and damn she is killing it! She spent a year in China travelling around various regional areas and sharing her stories on YouTube. Her Bali videos have helped me plan my upcoming trip and she travels to destinations that are pretty unique. Her style of vlogging is a little different to what I usually watch, which is probably why I’ve binge watched her videos recently.

📗 Book

‘Fight Like A Girl’ by Clementine Ford.
Wow! Just wow! If you’re a feminist, believe in gender equality, hate when men speak down to you, treat you differently, call you names, think that your body belongs to them, then damn this book will make you angry but completely validate those feelings. I have the biggest crush on Clem and think that she is awesome and uses her awesome voice for awesome reasons. Absolutely add this to your reading bucket list!



Comparison is a killer, don’t give in to it! I think that lately I’ve been falling into that horrible trap of comparing myself to others in terms of academic achievement, career objectives, travel plans, looks, friendships… uh it’s absolutely exhausting and absolutely pointless. So the quote below is fitting into my lifestyle very well right now. Everyone is just doing the best that they can, and so am I. I work hard, study hard, play a bit too hard, and love hard. I just need to remember that I am doing my best and as long as I produce work that I’m proud of, then damn I’m killing it (and so are you!)

6e0e80a282ff26c188bd218009f37369.jpgPhew – September thank god you’re over! You were a bit too intense for me. Now I just need to hurry up and finish the first two weeks of October (STRESS CENTRAL) and then I will be a whole new person and finishing uni (again)! Bring on the good times!


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