52 Things I Want to Do In 2017

So I’ve recently had a lot of time to do some serious self reflection… 10 hours on a plane will do that to you. And after recently reviewing my 2016 goals and self evaluating how I went in actually achieving those goals, I did…. Eh average. Some of my goals were quite broad and general, making it hard to develop a plan to achieve said goals. And of course, as you would have read, my exchange to Montreal kind of interfered with some of them. I know, it’s no excuse, but it happened. So… how do we make 2017 bigger and better? Here’s my list of 52 things I want to achieve in 2017. And it’s not general boring crap like be fit, eat healthy, be smarter. As you’re about to see, I’ve got some pretty solid, achievable things that I want to achieve physically, emotionally, spiritually or bucket list worthy.


  1. Play netball
  2. Do yoga – everyweek
  3. Meditate – outside in fresh air for replenishment
  4. Get flexible – being flexible makes you sexible (Thanks Logan Paul)
  5. Don’t eat shit – steer clear of fried food, fast food and cakes (birthday cakes and pizza are allowed) (birthday pizza is allowed and also encouraged)
  6. Eat mostly vegetarian – buy and cook vegetarian, if you see something tasty on the menu like some chicken, treat yo self
  7. Compost
  8. Learn how to compost
  9. Buy an awesome coffee mug and bring it everywhere (no more takeaway cups)
  10. Buy an awesome French Press coffee maker to put awesome coffee in my awesome coffee mug
  11. Make my lunch the night before
  12. Make an entire meal for my friends and family
  13. Learn how to cook an impressive meal. E.g bake a fish, lasagne, brownies, pad thai
  14. Go to a new country
  15. Learn Spanish
  16. Visit Tasmania – points for a camper van, extra points for hitch hiking or bike riding
  17. Visit home more often
  18. Have coffee and cake with my Grandma & Grandad, Nan & Pop
  19. Send letters
  20. FaceTime my firneds overseas
  21. Experiment with video styles
  22. Make a video once a week
  23. Blog once a week
  24. Make some money from said videos and blogs
  25. Graduate (with distinction)
  26. Watch 12 sunrises (once a month)
  27. Learn to surf
  28. Try Bollywood/Pole Dancing
  29. Volunteer at uni
  30. Make a killer CV #employable
  31. Go on a roadtrip
  32. Have lunch at the grounds of Alexandria
  33. Work hard at uni. HD’s come at me.
  34. Enquire about honours/masters (overseas)
  35. Go to careers central and plan my future career path
  36. Go to a trampoline park and learn how to do a back flip
  37. Read, read, read
  38. Go in the City2Surf
  39. Work hard at work
  40. Practice my French by watching French films, French YouTubers and as part of the French Society
  41. Don’t buy things for the sake of it. How many more clothes do you really need?
  42. Complete the waste challenge
  43. Have at least 1 make up free day a week
  44. Make people birthday gifts
  45. Make a vision board and decorate it with fairy lights
  46. Learn how to edit videos
  47. Make a snapchat filter
  48. Meet new people and put myself out there
  49. Go to a festival/concert
  50. Stress less
  51. Promote peace and understanding. Try not to be as critical of others and myself. Believe in myself, my values, decisions and choices. Don’t drink as much as I did in Montreal (sorry liver). Look for the joy in life. Be accepting of others.
  52. Be FIERCE

What do you want to achieve in 2017? Have you ever done anything on this list? Comment below to let me know what you have planned and what your fierceness levels are!





6 thoughts on “52 Things I Want to Do In 2017

  1. OMG Adelaide! I want in all of these things: 2, 3, 14, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 40, 46, 49, 52! Some I can help you with i.e. profiting from your hard work online. Others are epic things I want in 2017 as well so let’s do them together! Accountability for the win.

    Hit me up and let’s get it done!

    1. Yes girl!!! You’re so inspiring and motivating to actually put these plans into action! I’ll hit you up when I’m back in Wollongong and we can have like a power plan meet up!

      1. A power plan meet up sounds perfect. Squeeze you soon! (And I hope you’re not experiencing too much of a travel hangover – I can never avoid them – but focusing on amazing plans for the future helps). From your fierce friend, Anna ❤

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