I was VEGAN for two weeks and it FCKN SUCKED

A few weeks ago, I took on a challenge of being a vegan for two weeks for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s (AYCC) fundraiser For the Love Of.  The objective is to give up something you love for two weeks and raise money to go towards educational schemes run by the AYCC. Generally, people gave up things like beer, chocolate or coffee (for those of you that gave up coffee – I applaud you). So obviously I wasn’t going to give up coffee, and I felt like giving up the others were a bit too easy.

Then I discovered that they had a 3degree challenge. Where you give up sweets, wheat and meat. It is these industries that largely contribute towards CO2 emissions and degradation of our environment.

The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report said we could see a temperature rise of between 3 and 4 degrees by 2100.

I’ve been a vegetarian since the beginning of the year (you can read about my experiences here). So I’d already done the meat thing. How could I challenge myself even further? Become a VEGAN for two weeks. Easy! (Or so I thought). As much as I respect people who are vegan, it’s just definitely not something I could adopt as a lifestyle. So here’s my pros and cons of being a vegan and why my two weeks as a vegan fckn sucked.

First rule. Source

CON: Shopping takes twice as long

Going grocery shopping takes forever because you’re constantly reading the ingredients list on every product! It’s not always obvious that an item is going to have milk products in it so you’ve got to get our your magnifying glass and actually read the label. I’m sure that after a while you become familiar with products you can and can’t eat and the whole experience is much easier.

PRO: You actually know what’s in your food. 

Because you read the label on everything you’re buying, you actually know what you’re putting in your mouth. Something I rarely did before hand. Being a vegan meant that I reduced the amount of processed foods I would usually buy and opt for fresh food.

CON: It’s expensive

So I only did this for two weeks and couldn’t accurately compare the differences in prices, but I definitely blew the budget on my grocery shopping for those two weeks.

Yummy smoothies! Source

PRO: You discover new tasty and healthy foods

Because you can’t go to your usual breakfast of skim milk with Weet Bix, cheese melt for lunch or pizza for dinner, you are forced to think outside the box. Especially when it comes to replacing items. Three things that I’ve continued to buy is Almond milk, Coconut milk and the Oats and Chia. I’ve never been the biggest fan of milk so switching to almond milk has made me feel a lot lighter and my tummy a lot happier. The Oats and Chia is absolutely delicious! I have it for breakfast with a banana every morning and it keeps me going for ages. And coconut milk is perfect for curries! Where have you been all my life? This is something I never would’ve discovered if it wasn’t for being a vegan for two weeks.

CON: I literally felt depressed

For these two weeks, I literally felt depressed. Not seriously, but I really didn’t feel myself. It could have been a mixture of other things, but I also think that my diet heavily contributed towards feeling pretty down. One of my friends told me that it was a type of withdrawal experience. Whatever it was, it really sucked.

Stir Frys are delicious and really easy to make vegan. Source

PRO: I felt healthy and ate yummy foods

Because I was so limited on what I could eat, it forced me to think outside the box and create new dishes. I found that I ate lots of fresh veggies, fruits, rice and beans. There’s nothing nicer than cooking a meal from a recipe you find online and it actually turns out to be amazing! Pinterest will have you covered for all of your vegan recipes!


OK so this was the breaking point for me. I love cheese. It goes on everything and with everything. And I love all types of cheese. And telling me I can’t eat cheese for two weeks, well damn I don’t think I’ve ever been so hangry for something before.


I raised nearly $100 dollars for an amazing cause and I’d like to thank everyone who donated! Climate Change is happening and adopting a plant-based diet is definitely a way to reduce CO2 emissions. For those of you out there that are vegan – good on you! I tried it and it just wasn’t for me. I’m a vegetarian for the time being but with my travels to France coming closer and closer, it may be something I give up whilst I indulge on cultural traditions of eating the finest French food ever (and that involves meat).

But it’s not all doom and gloom! The following TED Talk is BRILLIANT! He talks about how we don’t necessarily have to sacrifice milk or meat, but we just have to reduce the amount we consume. I believe that our actions can make a difference and that we should be mindful that our actions and the food we eat can have negative effects on the environment around us. But I also believe that we have to be in it together and we all need to realise that we can’t keep consuming the amount of meat we are at the moment.








11 thoughts on “I was VEGAN for two weeks and it FCKN SUCKED

  1. Interesting points, but I have to disagree about a vegan diet being expensive. I’m a tight-arsed pom and I’ve never found a vegan diet to be expensive.

    1. I guess for someone who’s new at it, it’s hard to know what to look for. You kind of end up in the health food isle and if it says ‘vegan’ you’re sold. I’m sure there’s much cheaper ways to be vegan that you learn over time. Good on you though and thanks for letting me know! x

      1. Thanks for publishing my comment. In Britain, it is certainly a lot easier than it used to be, as all the main supermarket chains have their own brand of soya milk (in the ‘cheap’ as well as the ‘normal’ range, though there is no difference to the nutritional content between them). Also, following on from various food ‘scares’ (salmonella, BSE etc) there has been a lot of consumer pressure to improve food labelling, which has been done not for ‘vegan’ reasons, but to allow consumers to easily identify allergens. So where dairy ingredients and/or eggs are present on an ingredients list, they are always highlighted in bold. As you say, you also get to know, so you don’t have to head for the ‘free from’ aisle. On a general note, the staples of my diet: rice, lentils, pasta, spuds, veg, peppers, fruit etc *are* all dirt cheap. I never eat meat substitutes or cheese substitutes.

      2. That’s awesome to hear! You seem really committed to the vegan lifestyle and I really admire you for that. Perhaps with times changing it will become a more accessible lifestyle. There’s definitely a movement here in Australia but I think that perhaps more should go into educating people on why this lifestyle may be one to adopt.
        I generally eat pretty healthily but I just love cheese!

      3. Unfortunately, fruitcakes like Free Lee give a vegan diet a bad image. No-one in their right would eat 30 bananas a day!

      4. I have seen her channel and it’s quite extreme. I know that her views don’t represent the vegan population at all. I mean, who can love bananas that much?! haha

  2. Amazing thing to do, especially for charity! I don’t think I ever could though… I agree about almond milk, I’ve never been the biggest fan of dairy and switching to almond milk has just mad me feel so much better! Must be nice to be eating cheese again haha! x


    1. Thanks Sarah! It was a great challenge and I definitely got a lot out of it! Maybe it’s not for me but it’s definitely something I know that I can achieve. Maybe with a bit more practice! 🙂 x

    1. Ah THANKYOU so much Martina! I appreciate it because I wanted to make it clear that I’m definitely not judging anyone or coming to any rash conclusions! Thanks so much x

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