Dreams from 20 Year old Me

After recently hitting the big two-zero, I’ve been thinking, reading, listening, watching, immersing myself into all things to do with life and death. Whilst death is nothing I want anytime soon, I’ve more-so been focusing of life, living and what that means to live a full life.

And what does that mean to me? Well right now, all that means is to simply be happy by doing things that make you happy. Whilst I am still creating and discovering who I am, I’m going to focus on my personal happiness, so I can then share it to others, even if it’s just by putting a smile on someones face.

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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha 

So, I’ve compiled a ‘bucket-list’ type list of things I want to do, places I want to go and dreams I have so I can stick to the things that make me happy and LIVE IT!

1 – Be a published author, poet, journalist, writer… anything! I just want my words immortalised on paper to be spread across all walks of life. And have my name scribbled on the bottom of a book cover.

2 – Go Skydiving. Something I’ve always wanted to do since going bungee jumping in New Zealand, and I have a feeling that will be happening very soon!

3 – Volunteer/Teach English overseas – whether it be in Brazil, Spain, Indonesia or Japan, I would love to make a personal difference to someones life.

4 – Marry Johnny Depp. And for some reason if that doesn’t work out, I’ll take the next eligible bachelor.

5 – Go to a music festival in America and Europe. I couldn’t afford the music scene last year in London so next time I’ll be ready!

6 – Live abroad (again). Edinburgh is high on the list of places I’d like to live, followed closely by Paris, New York, Rio or Tokyo.

7 – TRAVEL!!! This is a big one. The travel bug is an infectious, contagious and incurable disease, leaving you craving the thrill you can only get from travel.
So this is my current country hit list (including some revisits);
Brazil, Colombia, Chille, Cuba, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland, Jordan, Israel, UAE (Dubai), South Africa, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and A Pacific Island. (Revisit – UK, France, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, China, New Zealand)

Also in the travel section of this big dreams list is; whilst on one of these travel adventures to work in a hostel and live there for an extended period of time. Why not?

8 – Learn to snowboard. Not that I’ve perfected skiing or anything, but I’d like the option to do both if I so desired. 

9 – See Blink-182, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring and BASTILLE (again) in my lifetime! Keep touring please!

10 – To see my family regularly (when I’m living overseas, once a year at least) so we can go out to dinner, eat pork knuckle, drink cocktails and schnapps, or even just for a cup of coffee.

11 – To make it through university without acquiring liver problems.

12 – Run the City 2 Surf

13 – Do a triathalon

14 – To smile and laugh everyday.

15 – To read books everyday.

16 – And give someone a compliment everyday (a good sincere one, none of this, ‘I like your hair’ unless your hair is stunning)


So, dreaming is all well and good, but it’s the doing bit that really makes it! Whilst I acknowledge that I may never get the chance to do some of these, I have at least dreamt it and want it, thus I can do everything I can to try. And at least if I’m happy trying, then I’m happy.


Signed – Miss Adelaide x






2 thoughts on “Dreams from 20 Year old Me

  1. You have succeeded in so many things,
    But one of the most Incredible qualities is your ability to make people truly happy be being in your presence. You light up any room by just walking into it.
    As long as you realize that when we visit you overseas we will be staying a LONG time and yes you will have to kick us out..
    Just remember how much we LOVE you.

    Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Sent from my iPad

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