The Man Who Gave Me Music

Emerald mountains dot the countryside
Their peaks reaching towards the heavens
Rivers and streams slither though the shadowy crevices
Trees and flowers dot the plains, beautiful bursts of colour.

You stand tall and strong
Your heart beating to the rhythm of the music
Your arms out ready to catch us
As I slowly fall in love with the melodies your magic fingers create.

You hold the delicate timber body gently
As you pluck the golden strings
Your fingers move so fast
Their harmonious vibrations mesmerise me.

Your smooth voice sings us to sleep
A classic song I thought was your own
You kiss us on the forehead
Sending us into the sweetest dreams.

Together we soar through the valleys of the strong mountains
The trees sway
The river rushes
And flowers inject kaleidoscopes through the veins of the earth.

Your song is one I know, as if it were tattooed across my hand
The hand that you hold in those dark valleys
And lift me up to the peaks of the mountains
Thank you for helping me to write my own song.



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