An Ode to Teenage Years


Teenage years, you were not always kind,

Puberty, pimples, boys and gossip were always on my mind.

The transition to high school is quite a big one,

Getting picked on by the big kids was not awfully fun.

Every day I got teased for being a spock or ranga or for having hairy legs,

Then on weekends I’d spend half the morning in bed.

When I was 16 I went to New Zealand on exchange,

Found a passion for travel, even though they talk strange.

Finally came the years of being a white shirter,

Just a little bit taller and a little bit wiser.

We’d go for family holidays,

Here, there and everywhere… all expenses paid.

These were the times of heavy metal music and eyeliner,

Thankfully now I’m a little smarter.

Then the stress of the HSC,

Why were you so cruel to me?

Study, study, study,

With the occasional 18th birthday party.

Finally, I was free of all the quotes, numbers and exams,

Now I had my big trip overseas to plan.

It wasn’t before long I was on a plane headed to London,

A place I would call my first home, where I always craved the sun.

A year traveling around Europe and chasing my dreams,

Feels like a lifetime ago, or so it seems.

Then I was off to university,

To further my education and my life, socially.

Which brings me to today,

The eve of my 20th birthday.

No longer a teenager, well maybe a bit at heart,

So is this when womanhood starts?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see,

But for now and for the next decade, I am young and free. 





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