#Yesallwomen – My Experiences


Sourced from http://www.theprovince.com/cms/binary/9878330.jpg
Sourced from http://www.theprovince.com/cms/binary/9878330.jpg

The #yesallwomen has swept the Twittersphere in response to the murder spree Elliot Rodger embarked on Saturday 24th May, killing 6 innocent civilians. The #yesallwomen has been a way for women across the world to express their anger, emotion and state of fear that every women has experienced in their life. Rodger has been described as a misogynist due to authorities finding an autobiography/diary, confessing how women constantly rejected him. The #yessallwomen is far bigger than some lunatic, but has sparked important conversation that it’s absurd that in today’s society… the inequality of women. We all know the case of a man buying a girl a drink at the bar, but that is not a one way ticket to her pants.


I am not at all implying (nor is anyone on Twitter) that all men are evil. Men in my life are respectful, responsible, mature people who are the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. And I’m certainly not saying that every woman is perfect, because there’s some crazy ladies out there too. However, I believe the reason this # has taken off is because every woman has experienced some sort of inequality from men, whether that be sexual, physical or verbal abuse, expectations, crude comments or behaviour etc. And I acknowledge that it is from the minority, but sometimes, all it takes is a few beers and next thing your honking your horn and yelling sexual comments from your bar stool where you sit on your pedestal.

I’m a young women who is just trying to find her place in the world. After exploring different corners of the globe, regardless of what country your in, one thing is a guarantee, and that is men will not hesitate to express their sexual, physical desires, fantasies and dreams which I can apparently fulfil. For some reason, that is not an attractive quality. Perhaps try something like; approaching me, smile, buying a drink, being genuinely interested in me, ask for my number, give me a kiss goodnight, and call me the next day, with no other intentions or expectations. Now that is attractive.

Gentlemen please. If making howling noises from a car is how you want to portray yourself to women and the rest of society, go ahead… but you sir are an ass.

Be kind. understanding. confident. approachable. respectful. And never assume that we owe you anything because you spent your valuable night buying us drinks.

To all of you gentlemen out there who are being gentlemen… Thankyou.





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