You Are Love


You are like the strong, wise ocean.

You are the reason for my existence. You give me purpose to live and breathe. You push me onto that wave when I’m scared, lift me up when I am down and inspire and motivate me when I dive into the water.

You carry the wisdom of years in your mind and body, letting it ripple along the surface, guiding us when we’re heading into a storm. Even when we make mistakes, like the kind currents you nurture us, to help us grow and understand.

The times when the sunshine beams down and all is calm and quiet gives us time to relax, just to talk and enjoy each others company, floating carelessly across the smooth surface.

There are times when we may feel like we’re drowning, getting sucked deeper and deeper under water, the cold current gripping onto our souls. It’s not easy to swim through the struggle and pain, though you carry us over your shoulders and we breathe the fresh air together, addicted to that taste of being alive.

You are our savior, our life guard, our bubbles of air that push us forward. For now, I am just a little wave of water lost in the calm waters of the Caribbean. I watch your grace and strength as you battle the seas of the Pacific, hoping one day I can become like you.

You are my best friend and my muse.

You are my Mum.

Thank you.



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