I Neknominate…

Perhaps it was former PM, Bob Hawke who started it…  or perhaps it was at a college in Western Australia, where mates dared their friends to film themselves skulling a beer, upload it to Facebook then nominate two more of their friends to do the same thing.

The Neknominations spread quickly across Australia, then making it’s way across the globe. What started as innocent fun, dramatically escalated as young people continued to push the limits;  performing daring tricks, drinking spirits, doing shots, hanging from buildings and even drinking whilst driving. It is believed that 5 people have died as a result of participating in Neknominations, and  more people are dying each year from alcohol related illnesses such as liver cancer/alcohol poisoning each year (Knapton, 2014).

Property of thelocal.fr
Property of thelocal.fr

Social Media is copping a lot of the blame for these risk-taking stunts, with many studies now being undertaken. There is no denying the health issues related to binge drinking, however, platforms like Facebook and Youtube are just the infrastructure delivering these powerful messages by individuals and groups around the world. Even the Neknomination Facebook page, managed by Jay Anthony, immediately removed videos which showed people engaging in dangerous activites. “I encourage responsible neknominations. Innovation should be the driving force,” said Anthony in regards to media criticism.

Neknominate  Property of Vice.com
Property of Vice.com

#Neknomination trended across the globe, and like any trending topic, will enentually phase out, like the Harlem Shake and Planking, to make way for something new and exciting. People have always had “the need to follow the crowd and do what majority of us are doing forces us to do things or take up activities which we wouldn’t otherwise. This is especially true for teenagers who are easily influenced by their surroundings or people they socialize with” (Secureteen.com, 2013) and this human trait is not going to change overnight.

If anything, the media is doing its best to deliver information to discourage irresponsible attitudes towards alcohol. There are many organisations promoting responsible drinking and dealing with alcohol related issues such as tacklingbingedrinking.gov.au. It warns us of short and long term affects of alcohol abuse and promoting positive attitudes towards alcohol through sporting heroes and at music events.

Through education and messages portraying responsible attitudes towards alcohol, we are able to teach those who are at a higher risk of being influenced, to make good decisions. It is not the media itself who is Neknominating you, it’s your friends.

Drink Responsibly.


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An Australian Government Initiative, http://www.tacklingbingedrinking.gov.au/internet/tackling/publishing.nsf/content/under-the-influence

SecureTeen, “How Positive Peer Pressure Works,” 25/06/13, accessed 17/03/14, http://www.secureteen.com/peer-pressure/how-positive-peer-pressure-works/


2 thoughts on “I Neknominate…

  1. Good read!

    It’s nice to see that the media can actually be credited for promoting drinking responsibly and displaying the effects caused by alcohol abuse. People need to look at their own actions rather than taking the easy “Blame the Media” option! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jayden,
      That’s one thing I strongly believe in, at the end of the day, we all make our own decisions and are responsible for them too.
      I still need to do further research to make a stronger argument but I’m glad it’s reading well so far.

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