The Best Things About Your Best Friend Living Away From You

Throughout my years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty awesome people who I’m proud to call my best friends. I’ve met these people through school, university, travels, living together and many other shenanigans all over Australia and the world and I will forever be eternally grateful for the friendships I’ve made. And as much as it sucks living a few hours away from your best friend or even in another state or country, there are actually some pretty cool and good things about them living away from you. (Note: I’m really just missing all of my friends who live away from me and I’m trying to be optimistic here).

You get to live vicariously through their Instagram pictures. One of my best friends works for Topdeck in Europe and the last I saw, she was in Prague wandering around the Old Town.


You have pen pals and people to have long skype sessions with. I love sending post cards or birthday parcels to my friends (despite paying ridiculous fees) and then receiving a mysterious letter in the mail! Then happening to be on Skype at the same time and spontaneously spending the next few hours catching up.

Whatsapp messages. If your best friends live away from you GET WHATSAPP! My best friend and I always send eachother voice recordings for those times in our lives we’re too busy to commit to a skype sesh. I usually record a message when I’m getting ready in the morning or sometimes, if they’re lucky, maybe even on a night out when I’m a bit tipsy.


Getting cool souvenirs from across the world. Need I say more?!

When you see eachother next, it’s truly amazing! There’s tears, excitement, nerves, laughter and just overjoyed happiness! You talk like no time or distance has interfered with your friendship.

So to all my friends far and wide, keep sending the snapchats and whatsapp messages and skype me whenever you like.

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Why It’s Not So Easy to Drop Everything to Travel the World

Lately I’ve seen a lot of blogs, posts, quotes, expressions and people saying, ‘just drop everything and go, travel the world!’ Whilst in theory I love the thought of this and wish I could, the bottom line is that there’s many of us squeezing in some time on Facebook before after we finish a double shift, or before a uni lecture to read these posts, and I can assure you that the majority of people would love to be sipping cocktails in Greece or exploring London, rather than do these things. So here’s why it’s not so easy to drop everything to book a one way flight to New York, Tokyo or Moscow.

*On a side note, if anyone out there would like to give me an all expenses holiday, please comment below* 😉


1- I’m Poor – The big factor here… no money. And when I say no money, when I find 20cents on the ground… I get pretty damn excited! Also, everything about international travel is expensive! Do you know how much a one way ticket to London costs? About $1000… and that’s just to get there!

2- I have a job (so that I’m not poor) – In order to fund my coffee addiction, pay for university textbooks and pay for internet, I need to work, and a lot! I really enjoy my job(s) as well, and if I even want to think about booking flights, I’m going to have to work 25 hours a day 8 days a week!

3 – I need to find myself – Whilst travelling the world is a good way to discover a lot about yourself, when you’re home with your family and friends is also a good time to grow as a person. It helps you re-evaluate your views, dreams and ambitions, and may differ from those of the traveller version of you. Also, travelling can be stressful and exhausting, and there really is no bed like YOUR bed.

4- It’s not the right time – Personally, right now would not be the right time to go overseas at all. I need to be here for my family, for my job, my boyfriend, my friends, my commitments, my degree… I have a lot of things going on at the moment. I know that there never seems to be a right time to go on a big overseas adventure, but there are definitely wrong times, and this is one of them.

5- I’m quite happy here for now – My home is pretty damn awesome! I like within a 10 minute drive to over 10 pristine beaches, close to the city, I have friends to go out with, family to have dinner with… AND the best part about having wanderlust at home is that you can discover some pretty incredible places in your own backyard!


I think the most frustrating thing for me is a combination of these things. I do want to travel and live overseas, but I also have a lot of other goals and ambitions as well. And to work towards achieving those it requires me to have a job, go to university and save my money. I’m trying to keep the bigger picture in mind and work towards achieving all of my goals and not just my one desire of travelling the world. Yes, a part of this frustration is jealousy of my friends and family that seem to be travelling internationally every second month, but I know I’ll get there once I work hard for it.

So what do I do to settle nearly every atom which is jumping up and down with infectious wanderlust?

1- I make (realistic) goals – Making realistic goals is the most important first step towards reaching your desired outcome. For example, there’s only a certain amount of money I can earn in a year and therefore it might take me two years to save the money I need for a trip overseas. By being realistic, they’re actually achievable and you can work hard to reach them. There’s no point setting your goals too high and not achieving them.

2- I plan – Planning makes me feel like I am about to get on a plane in a months time. I read magazines, blogs, newspapers… anything with beautiful photos of cities, mountains and beaches around the world I want to go to.

3- I work (extremely) hard – If I set a goal, I will stick to it. I’ll pick up extra shifts, I might say no to a few nights out, I might cut back on buying my lunch… I do everything in my power to reach that goal and live my dream!

4 – I get there – It may take some time, but I’ll get there, and the gelato in Rome will taste even sweeter!