Why I’m Dreaming of Greenland

Lately I’ve been dreaming of this magical place I’ve only seen in pictures. Nestled neatly between Iceland and Canada is Greenland. Despite it’s name, it’s mostly covered in snow and ice. It has a population of 56 000 and it’s capital city is Nuuk. With town names which are unpronoucable and filled with coulourful little buildings, it’s somewhere I’m dreaming of! So here are some of the reasons why I want to go to that magical country in the Arctic circle.

Greenland! Source
Greenland! Source
  • You can go dog sledding
  • There’s whales everywhere
  • They speak Greenlandic, Danish and English
  • You can disconnect from reality for a while
  • And reconnect with nature (85% of Greenland is covered in ice)
  • Football is the national sport of Greenland (source)
  • Greenland is known as Kalaallit Nunaat’ meaning land of people (source)
  • Greenland’s national day is the 21st of June
  • They celebrate the return of the sun because they can spend weeks in darkness
  • You can see the Northern Lights 
  • Eat some of the freshest fish in the world
  • Experience 24 hour day light or darkness
  • Go hiking 
  • Learn about the inuit culture and history

But just in case these fun facts and reasons aren’t good enough, maybe the photos below will convince you!

Have you been to Greenland or know someone who has? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Whales!! Whales everywhere! Source
Whales!! Whales everywhere! Source


The Greenlandic National Dress. Source
The Greenlandic National Dress. Source
The mystical and magical Northern Lights. Source
The mystical and magical Northern Lights. Source
New Years in Greenland. Source
New Years in Greenland. Source

Landið sem andar – An Ode to Iceland

Ferðin byrjar hér[2]


Located sixty-six degrees north

Surrounded by the Atlantic and Artic waters,

Lies a small and forgotten Ísland

Where Mother Nature unleashes her great forces.


We dive through the clouds

And see her wild plains laced with ice,

Mountains stand tall like elders of the land

Watching us with dangerously beautiful eyes.


She balance life and death effortlessly

Winds ferociously howl during daylight,

Her flesh blanketed in white

Stars and auroras radiate through the night.


Air pierces my bones and blood

I stand atop a cliff, weightless,

Water roars towards the earth

And I feel a strange sense of clarity, even in this chaos.


You helped me rediscover your power, Mother

With your I spent three short days and three long nights,

She left your skin cold but my heart warm

Giving the gift of your story from your elders and enchanting lights.


Ferðalagið mun halda áfram[3]


The extravagant countryside of Iceland




[1] (The country that breaths)

[2] (The journey starts here)

[3] (The journey will continue)

Adelaide Haynes. CACW100