The Not So Secret Diary of My Dry July (In March)

Dry July is something I’ve always wanted to do, but can never really do because my birthday is in July and birthday beers are always in order. So, I decided to set myself a personal challenge. Not because I’m an alcoholic, though living on campus can definitely fuel that. But because I wanted to have a bit of a break from drinking and prove to myself that I can have fun and socialise without drinking. The whole experience turned out to be quite interesting and these are my main findings from my little personal/social experiment!

No stranger to a nice cocktail
No stranger to a nice cocktail, but not this month

DAY 1 – What have I done?!

DAY 4 – Wednesday night = STUDENT NIGHT! Oh wow everyone is drunk. Not just drunk… ridiculously drunk. Woah! I’m still keen on a dance and a bit of socialising. We held pre’s and there were so many people in and around our house. Music blaring, King’s Cup kicking off and people dancing.

It’s quite a funny thing, to go clubbing sober. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I have these sort of life epiphanies. Where I come to a strange realisation about all the things I want in my life and the person I want to be. It’s weird I know but between all the sweaty bodies and awkward grinding, I figure out what I need to do to be happy.

DAY 7 – Mardi Gras, everyone’s so happy and I’m high on life. Definitely don’t need anything to lift my spirits.

DAY 11 – Wednesday night, Student Night, again… everyone’s so drunk and I just want to snuggle up in bed and watch Sex and the City.

DAY 14 – How can people go out on Wednesday, Thursday AND Saturday night?!

DAY 15 – Pub Crawl. People can’t seem to figure out if I’m sane or not for not going.

DAY 18 – Uni night, again… to be honest I’m actually quite impressed that people can go out week after week like they do.

One thing I have noticed is that if people are aware that you are sober and have no intention of drinking, they treat you differently. I guess it could always be that they’re pretty drunk and therefore have no control over what they say or do. However, my assumption is that they don’t fully engage with you because they might have a fear of being judged by someone who is sober and aware. Honestly, I’m always keen to socialise and have some fun, drunk or not. It was a little upsetting to feel un-welcomed in my own house but I just had to make my own fun elsewhere.

Day 24 – The house is a bloody mess and the recycling bin is full of bottles.

Day 26- Ed Sheeran concert. Could probably do with a beer but only a few days left!

Day 28- Another pub crawl. Better hit the library up!

Day 31- I DID IT! Better celebrate with a beer.

Despite the mess and slight exclusion, doing this challenge was so beneficial for me mentally and physically. Not only am I feeling healthier but I feel focused and clear. I’ve discovered to accept myself and my decisions, even if it might confuse or not be widely accepted by others. I know a month of being sober isn’t much, but when it’s the beginning of a university session, it might as well be New Years Eve in 1999.

xxx A

My Favourite Place In London : The Heron Tower

London oh London. You are not just another city, but your own country, your own ecosystem, buzzing with people, music, sound, buses, cars, towers, bridges and foxes. Last year, I was lucky enough to call London home. East London, so that makes me one tough girl. Whether it was getting to work, meeting friends, having a night out or exploring the city, there’s a hidden gem around every corner… you just need to know where to look.

So these little segments will be about the little nooks and crannys that don’t quite make it into the Lonely Planet books, but are definitely worth the detour.

Best view in London
Best view in London- Sushi Samba – Heron Tower

If you want to get the best view in London, don’t wait in line for hours and waste your money to go on the London Eye… instead take advantage of this free lookout and one of the best bars in London. Located right outside Liverpool St Tube Station (Central, Hammersmith & City, Circle Line), the Heron Tower is the big one down and on the right (you really can’t miss it).

Sunsetting over London -
Sunsetting over London –

It is quite a fancy place so dress to impress.

There’s always a guy on the door by the lift (very fancy) and just say you’re going up for a drink. You enter a glass lift and press 38. If you’re terrified of heights, I strongly suggest closing your eyes. You’re whisked up ever so quickly watching the world disappear beneath your feet. It’s hard to resist a nervous laugh. Warning right now… THE DRINKS ARE EXPENSIVE. 2 glasses of wine as pictured above will set you back about 15pounds! But on a good occasion (like your best friends 21st) there’s nothing better.


You can sit by the window on intimate little stools and slowly sip your wine or outside there is a beautiful viewing platform (which overlooks the suburbs) with a fire pit to keep you warm at night and a large tree dotted in gorgeous fairy lights, the perfect place to lay back and lose yourself somewhere on the horizon.

On a clear day, you can see the entire city (except for the Chard). St Pauls Cathederal, the Thames, The Gherkin and millions of little ants as you look 38 stories below. By night, it is even more spectacular as you see the city burst to life with red, yellow and orange hues igniting the bustling city.

The Gherkin lit up at night
The Gherkin lit up at night

This is such a fancy, private and beautiful place to bring all of your friends that are new to London, you’re guaranteed to see chins hit the floor.

If (like me) you’re too poor to buy drinks up there, after you check out the amazing view, Shoreditch and Brick Lane are just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.