These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: FEBRUARY 2019

 Oh February, how are you always such a short month, but the month filled with the most events, emotions and big changes. It was a month where I really had to check in with myself, my feelings and what I wanted. And trust me that’s not always easy to do, but I made it out of February alive, feeling exactly like the person I’m meant to be, with a new job and a whole new passion and outlook for this year! Every weekend was jam-packed with adventures, music, catch ups and good times with some bloody good people.

Whilst last month I started two new jobs, this month saw me finish up at one of them. I was lucky enough to be offered a permanent role at UOW which I’ll be starting in March! So I guess next month will see some exciting new times coming as well! I guess this is a testament to the fact that in life, opportunities come and go and it’s up to you whether or not you grab them. Sometimes that means ‘letting people down’ but it also means giving yourself a chance. I guess the moral of sharing this is to say don’t ever accept anything mediocre. It’s not worth being unhappy, insecure and worried for the sake of other people’s feelings and expectations. Unfortunately, you’re the only one who can make these tough decisions, but I assure you, if you follow your heart, you will never let yourself down.

🏙️ Music Maddness

Laneway – Melbourne
Soph and I love our music and what better way to embrace some Aussie artists than heading to Laneway Festival. And to put a spin on it, we thought we’d hit up Melbourne! It was a great weekend filled with brunch, pints of beer (probably my favourite thing about Victoria!) and espresso martinis! There’s nothing like a weekend away, and I’m so glad I had my partner in crime there with me!

A Day on the Green – Hunter Valley
Dad, Elly, Soph and I decided to be fancy music goers, and head to A Day On The Green to watch Stella Donnely, Dan Sultan, Missy Higgins and John Butler Trio tear up the vineyards! We had a fair few bottles of wine, sang along to some of our faves, and enjoyed a bloody beautiful day on the green!

💕 1 year anniversary with Soph

Without sounding too cliché, the past year with Soph has been one of my favourite yet! We’ve had so many incredible adventures together and I’m so grateful for the relationship we’ve developed. I seriously never would have guessed that one year ago, the girl smiling at me from across RAD Bar would turn out to be my best friend, my roommate and my girlfriend. When things are right, you just know and man, things with Soph are damn right. Soph, thanks for the rad year we’ve had. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me and I can’t wait for our future together!

💖 Attending my brother’s ADFA march

Yes, my little brother Isaac has joined ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) and is living in Canberra. And no, I’m not crying you’re crying! Attending his march (look I’m sure it has an official name but I am a total military noob), was truly amazing. I’m really proud of what he’s doing and what he’s about to achieve. I seriously can’t believe he’s doing what he’s doing and it’s incredible that he’s so passionate about what he’s doing. I’m so proud of ya dude!

💁‍♀️ The Blonde Abroad Meetup

So back when I first started blogging and reading travel blogs, I came across two blogs that changed it all. One of them was World of Wanderlust (who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2015), and the other was The Blonde Abroad (aka Kiersten). Meeting one of your idols is a pretty surreal experience. Especially when they’re a world-renowned travel blogger. It’s strange to try and explain to your friends and family how much you look up to them (in a non-creepy fan-girl way). Following the journeys of bloggers is pretty personal. You get a glimpse of their lives, their families, their relationships and you admire them for taking such a huge leap and turning their passion for blogging into a career. So when Kiersten announced she would be hosting a meet up in Sydney, I knew I just had to go. Cruising along the harbour on a party boat with 15 like-minded girls from all over the world was pretty damn incredible. Of course, meeting and getting to chat with TBA was awesome, but I think it was just being in a group of women who are also passionate about blogging and intrigued about the world around us.


No month is complete without the love, support and adventures with my friends and family. I never want your enthusiasm and kindness to go unnoticed. So shout out to you for making all the hard times a little better, and the good times, amazing!


Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier
Oooh this song is so so sweet! It’s feel good and makes you wanna sing along while you’re about to start a big adventure! It’s been on repeat lately and I LOVE IT!

Pussy is God by King Princess
Well I feel like I don’t have to explain why I love this song, but apart from the bomb ass title, it’s fun to sing and dance along to!

📽️ Flicks

Sex Education
OMG this show is GOLD! It is absolutely binge-worthy, cringey, hilarious, hits your right in the feels and bloody amazing! The casting is spot on and the characters are awesome. I watched this whilst I was bed bound after hurting my back (yes you read that correctly, I injured my back and became an 85-year-old woman for a week), and I’ve never watching something so quickly and with so much enthusiasm! Love love love! Bring on season 2!


Eggshell Skull,by Bri Lee
I seriously could not put this book down. This book is the story of a young Judge’s Associate in Queensland. She travels around the state visiting district courts, working on horrific crimes, whilst dealing with some personal trauma. Seriously, this book is incredible, a must-read for anyone interested in Australia’s justice and criminal system, and for those interested in bringing down the patriarchy!

Dancing With Her
OK so whilst this LGBTQI+ Women in love, wedding magazine isn’t exactly a book, and it isn’t exactly my usual read (I swear I didn’t buy a wedding magazine for a wedding – just yet), I’m so glad I picked it up. I started following Dancing With Her on Instagram and then I started following their blog. Then after falling in love with their blog, I couldn’t get enough, so I bought their magazine. And it is the BEST MAGAZINE I’ve laid my hands on for a long time! The images are beautifully curated and I love the stories told. It’s hard to explain, but I think what I love about it the most is that I see part of my life and relationship reflected in this. I think back to all of the magazines I ever read about hetero couples and weddings, which contributed to my hetero-normative outlook on life. I LOVE this magazine, and what Dancing With Her stands for. Thank you for representing what I identify with and my idea of love!

📷 Bloggers, Vloggers and Podders

Spirited Pursuit
Oh my lord how have I not stumbled across this bloggers site and insta before?! WOW! Lee Litumbe (or Spirited Pusuit) is making her way around the world, challenging our ideas of certain places and countries. In particular Africa. And damn my bucket list is getting longer and longer. Her blog posts are insightful, meaningful and inspiring. Her instagram feed is… well… goals. I am obsessed and have loved following her journey!

The Pineapple Project
I’ve really been enjoying this podcast because it’s all about money. And in all seriousness, money isn’t one of my strong points. I’m good at saving money when I’ve got something to look forward to, but if I don’t have a goal, I kinda struggle. I really like this podcast because it makes me think about money smartly, which I’m pretty stoked about.

📝 Quote

This month may have been the shortest one of the year, but it’s been jam-packed with emotions. Not necessarily in a bad way but just, well, in an emotional way. I’ve really been trying to acknowledge these feelings and emotions (which can be pretty confronting at times), respect them, and then let them go. There’s no use holding on to toxic emotions that drag you down. Whilst it’s something I’m still learning, and trying to get better at, respecting my emotions and really listening to not only what my heart wants, but what my soul wants, is making such a difference.

Wow, what a month! I seriously cannot believe what an insane month it’s been! I must admit I’m so looking forward to winding down a little and taking it easier in March. Though knowing me, and with a new job on the way, it’s unlikely it’ll be too chilled! Remember to look after yourself! Love ya!


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