These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: MARCH 2017

OK 2017, slow down. Come on! This is the greatest year ever and you’re just speeding by? This month has been insanely hectic but productive af! With birthdays, networking, goal setting, interning, studying and getting surviving all this rain (seriously – weeeeeeeeks of rain I actually can’t deal). So let’s have a look at all the awesome things that have happened this month!


🎉 My sister’s 21st Birthday

OMG she did it. She made it to 21! Ah I’m just so freakin stoked that I got the chance to celebrate one of my best friends and soul sisters birthday. Despite being ridiculously sick (sorry for not being able to party properly), it was so lovely seeing my family and spending time together.

🍻 Being with my friends

Parties, coffee dates, beer seshes, beach seshes, playing with puppies, buying dumplings… there was a lot of hugs and love flying around with my friends this month and I’m so grateful to have them by my side.

😘 Twenty Something Humans

So some of you may have already seen that lately I’ve been writing bits and pieces for Twenty Something Humans. If you haven’t already checked them out – then what are you waiting for?! But this month, I’m starting a very cool, very hip, very à la mode internship with them! It’s a space where I experiment with my writing style, and write about things, well, that are meant for Twenty Something Humans (sorry Mum but those pieces aren’t for your eyes). So make sure you give it a cheeky check out 👀


📚 Books

‘Yassmin’s Story’ by Yassmin Abdel-Magied, is a recount of her life story, the challenges she’s faced, the successes she’s triumphed, the failures she’s learnt front and her general awesome attitude. I’ve seen Yassmin appear several times on Q&A and thought ‘ OMG I want to be her best friend.’ So naturally I had to read her book. Easy to read, thought provoking and fucking inspiring!


🎶 Music

Catfish and the Bottlemen. HOLY SHIT. Why has it taken me so long to jump on this amazing album? I’ve been obsessed for the past 2 weeks and all I want right now is to be able to see them live… please come tour Australia. Please. Thanks.

BØRNS. Ooooh damn this song is beautiful. His other songs are pretty damn awesome

Oddisee. Well well well, where has this guy been hiding all my life? Music is so chill and smooth yet he absolutely talks some truth and hits some really important issues. I’ve had his album on repeat for the past few weeks and damn am I stoked.

🎥 Flicks

Hidden Figures – kick ass women making their mark on the world (and out of it). Every one needs to see this film! I love watching strong female leads, but especially women of colour telling their story and rewriting the history books.

Marseille – sticking with the theme of ‘needing to study my French but can’t really be bothered so watching French films and TV shows to ease my guilt of not studying French’ thing I’ve got going on, Marseille is my new fave thing. A political drama with some freakin amazing actors. 11/10 would recommend.

📷 Bloggers & Vloggers

Ollie Ritchie

Holy shit – this is what filmmaking and content creation is about. His stuff is absolutely freakin amazing. Especially the video below about Paris. Ah it makes my heart soar.

Nicole Jade: She Flies Without Wings

One of my awesome friends, Nicole, has a super inspirational blog that gives you insight to her thoughts and experiences with poise, beauty and love.

Screenshot 2017-03-30 12.04.22

📝 Quote

OK – so this isn’t necessarily a quote, but it’s more of a kick up the butt. Some motivation to stop criticising myself and comparing myself to others. I’m so hard on myself for no apparent reason and it honestly gets in the way of me doing what I really want to be doing. So enough is enough. Get rid of those negative, bad thoughts and bring yourself up. You gotta be your own biggest cheerleader. You got this girl!


💖 OK so  yea, I’ve been pretty busy. But it’s good, I like it this way. Keeping my mind racing, thinking and creating pushes me. And when I’m pushed in the right direction and I’m concentrated and focused on something important to me, then watch out world cus there’s no brakes on that version of Adelaide.



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