These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: DECEMBER

After being very politely reminded by a friend that I actually hadn’t written a ‘favourite things’ post from December, I had to smash one out immediately! With all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years – I really just could not find the time for it! Horrible excuse I know! So… voilà!

Borders – M.I.A

I absolutely love this video clip! It just goes to show that singers and people in the entertainment industry have the power to raise awareness about serious social issues. I feel that more people in positions of power should actually use their power and influence to make a different in our world. Congrats M.I.A – absolutely killed it!

The Anti Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland

I read this book in literally 3 days and I swear they were the 3 best days of my life! This book is witty, gritty and hilarious. I’d definitely recommend it anyone!


Settling in to our new home for the Summer

Complete with sometimes swampy pool and all, our humble little abode for Summer is pretty damn sweet! And living with your best friend definitely has it’s perks!


Santa Pub Crawl

It’s a pub crawl. And everyone’s dressed up as Santas. What’s not to love?! The best thing is that the money goes towards charity so I guess it’d actually be rude not to go.


Going home for Christmas

So this year I actually got to enjoy Christmas properly! Aside from being slightly *headache-y* in the morning, I had such a fabulous day with such great friends and family!

Jetsetting to Melbourne for New Years Eve

So we left on the 30th December and carried our antics into the New Year. There’ll definitely be another post to come with all of my recommendations but for now – I’ll just leave these photos here.

I hope the end of your 2015 was as spectacular as mine and you’re ready to take 2016 by STORM!






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      1. I found it! Took me a bit of looking around but I did.. my picture was from the ground so didn’t look as great with the colours and all but it’s a hidden gem 😉

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