10 Reasons to add YOGA to your weekly routine

Looking for a way to get a good work out, de-stress, relax and do something good for your mind and body? Then look no further than Yoga. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it and my week just isn’t complete. So here are my top 10 reasons why you should start too!

(More or less because I can feel my face go red and I’m sure I’m pulling a funny face, I’ve never attempted to take a photo whilst doing yoga and I definitely don’t feel professional enough at it either, so I’ll use some professional photos that inspire me to get better and stronger. And also save myself the embarrassment).


1. It’s a work out. Despite what you may think or know about yoga, you use muscles your didn’t know existed and you use them until you start shaking. It’s all about core strength, muscle development, awareness and flexibility.

2. And on that note, it does wonders for your flexibility. I’ve always been relatively flexibile due to my dance experience and it’s something I really want to maintain throughout my life. I don’t want to be middle aged and struggle to put my shoes on or other daily struggles associated with ageing. So keeping flexibile will not only keep you young but you’ll also be able to impress everyone with your ability to do the splits.

3. It’s good for your mind. Sometimes life gets stressful and your mind gets caught up on insignificant things. Relaxation is a big part of yoga and whilst you might think ‘how is relaxing a work out?’ you can’t expect to get the most from your body until you can get the most from your mind. You have to be kind to your brain up there. It works pretty damn hard day and night to keep you moving and the best you can be, so the least you can do is give it a bit of a break every now and again.

Flexibility is fabulous! Source
Flexibility is fabulous! Source

4. It gets you to the gym. If like me, your yoga class is held in a gym then you literally have no excuse not to go. If I’m feeling extra motivated, I try to do a 30-45 minute work out at the gym before my yoga class so I can work up a sweat, get some cardio in and then stretch it all out and keep the blood flowing. Then before you know it, you’ve spent nearly 2 hours at the gym and tah-dah…

5. Guys do it too. I was so pleasantly surprised to see just how many guys do yoga. And it’s even better when they’re young and attractive. Hello future husband.

6. No one else cares about how good or bad you are. Apart from the occasional eye contact with the hot guy across the room, no one else really gives a shit as to how you’re doing. The first time I went to yoga, I felt so intimidated, and thought thtat everyone would judge my ability. But fear not, everyone’s off in their own little bubble. There’s absolutely no judgement once you enter the yoga room.


7. It’s important to take time for yourself. In today’s busy hustle and bustle it’s easy to just keep going and going and never taking a minute for yourself. At the end of the day, it’s important to look after yourself and rewarding you with an hour of loving and rewarding yourself (yep, I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true).

8. It keeps you in touch with your body. By activating the different muscles in your body and focusing on your breathing it creates more of a connection between your mind and body. Your body is with you for life and it’s important to look after it.


9. It makes you appreciate all the little things. Because your mind has been refreshed, you tend to look at things from a new perspective, and it makes life that little bit more sweet.

10. It leaves you ready to conquer the world. Once the lights are switched back on and you go back out into the real world, you feel rejuvinated, re-energized and refocused. You’re calm and warm and just ready to get life happening!

So what are you waiting for? I can guarantee that after a yoga class, you’re going to feel like a new person with a fit new body.

You’re welcome!

xxx A


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to add YOGA to your weekly routine

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I would love to be able to be flexible and do the poses in the pictures but I think my body would break if I tried! Haha

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