All These Little Things

Some say that we should enjoy all the little things in life because one day we’ll look back and realise they were actually kinda a big deal. Well I’m not sure how this is going to shape or define the rest of my life, but it was definitely a nice little reminder of how important the beautiful moments in life are.

I was on the bus heading home from town when a family of three were sitting towards the front of the bus, the Mum, Dad and 2 years old boy. Because it was Sunday it was relatively quiet and I could easily over hear their conversation. An elderly lady sat in front of them when the little boy said an excited ‘HELLO!’

The little boy then began to tell the lady about how much he loves Finding Nemo and fishies. The lady was so engaged with what he had to say and began to quote some of the movie. The little boy then sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in a very quiet and extremely cute little voice. All of the people on the bus had a little grin on their faces.

It may not seem like much, but in a world where people seem to ignore others on the bus, too afraid to start a conversation or even make eye contact, it was beautifully refreshing to see a 2 year old break those boundaries.

Be kind and appreciate the beauty of the little things,

xxx A



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