21 Thoughts You Have On Your First Night In A New Place

A new year, a new place to live. On the weekend I moved onto a new university campus, one with a little more freedom and independence. So far I’ve only met two of my (awesome) housemates and am still learning my way around the house and surrounding area. And until you’re completely settled in to a place, there’s a few things that always seem to run through my mind for the first couple of nights. I’m sure others have experienced this too right?

A sneak peak of my new room
A sneak peak of my new room

1- Where are my pyjamas?

2- How do I use this shower/microwave/washing machine?

3- Where are the light switches


5- I have nothing to wear because all of my clothes are creased

6- Is it acceptable to run from the shower to my room in a towel?

7-  Where should I put my undies and bras?

8- What’s that (windows been closed for too long it’s kinda dusty and needs some life in it) smell?

9- What’s that sound?

10- I don’t have any moisturiser!

11- Does my poster look better above my bed or on my wardrobe?

12- I don’t have any blu tack for my poster!

13- How long does it take to defrost frozen chicken?

14- Where are the frying pans?

15- Should I turn the hall lights off at night?

16- I only have double A batteries and need triple A

17- My housemates seem cool… I hope I seem cool?

18- What’s that guys name again?

19- Do I have to wear a bra?

20- What’s my address again?

21- When’s it time for beers?

Let me know if these random thoughts aren’t so random when moving to a new place in the comments below!

xxx A


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