The Love of My Life… Coffee

Coffee, the golden brown bean that ignites your energy, gets rid of morning breath and warms your belly. Silky milk glides down your throat and reflects the sparkle in your eye.  The chocolate powder on top tickles your nose and sometimes gives you a cute little moustache that you are just saving for later. The cup and plate are mismatched, bright colours which secretly make you happy. The love hearts and patterns in your coffee show how much coffee loves you, and even though you knew it would be there anyway, you’re still pleasantly surprised. There’s interesting artwork covering the walls and when conversation fades, you’re still both thinking the same thing. You talk about current events, what you did on the weekend, and how you feel about your life. You dream and confess, listen and open up, knowing that in the sanctuary of a good cup of coffee, you need not fear judgement. Have you met coffee’s partner in crime though? Nothing is more irresistible than golden butter melting on warm yet slightly crisp banana bread. The waiter is kind of cute and he smiles at you as he takes your order, brings you your coffee and makes a little inside joke that leaves my cheeks flushed.

Coffee understands. Coffee is there for you. Coffee is nice, and warm, and caring, and gives you energy. That’s why when the little teacup is empty and you return to your life, you take with you the happiness it gave you. And you know you’ll feel the same way again tomorrow morning.

xxx A (can you tell I’m addicted?)

In the zone at my favourite café in Newcastle
In the zone at my favourite café in Newcastle

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