Lethal Hands

How could you do this?

Who do you think you are?

Love me… then leave me

Escaping with a piece of my broken heart.

Like a shiny new watch

You parade me everyday,

Our hands and hearts in sync

Beating in harmony, even when you were away.

You showed me lust. You showed me passion

What a poisonous gift,

The venom spread to your heart

Then you snatched mine, lethally swift.

The second hand ticked out of time

The leather band bound tight,

You left with a soul-sucking kiss

My world swallowed by darkness, you took my heart and light.

Sometimes I look at that watch

Wrapped like a serpent around my wrist,

How could something so reliable and intimate

Inject toxins into my heart and now be finished?


Getting my fix

It never fails to give me the ultimate high.

As I submerge myself into the cool waters, my body becomes numb

Such an exhilarating feeling…

– Not to feel

I come to you from the darkest crevice

Vulnerable and lost

Hoping you can help heal my pain

The world sometimes blurs past me

No matter how long I stay clean

There’s something about you that pulls at my spirit

It may be the glorious warmth of the sun

Sending a light trickle of sweat down my neck

Or the gentle breezes

Tickling my skin so it tingles.

– God that feels good

Waves crash and my lungs burn with seawater

I am addicted to the taste

Its buzz lights up my spirit

That is sometimes swallowed by this dark world

And here it comes…

I am weightless

In this moment

I am invincible

My mind is clear

I am free.

– Ah

You leave me as quickly as you came

I can’t help but smile as you push me towards the shore.

You energize me

The sunshine kisses my skin and spirit

Your song whistles through my mind as I return to reality

Your legacy dotted upon my arm

Reminding me that happiness is never too far away


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