The People and Etiquette of a Mosh Pit: Violent Soho

Sydney: July 8
Sydney: July 8

With lyrics and chants such as ‘HELL FUCK YEA,’ it’s likely to assume that the audience at Australian band VIOLENT SOHO would be delinquent misfits. However, after infiltrating wondrous mosh-pits for the past few years, I have come to realise the surprising etiquette that takes place and the unique people that are always there.

1 – The Tweens – The young girls going through their rebellious stage at high school who come up to your shoulders, yet somehow make their way front and centre of the mosh, squished between people’s fist pumping and sweaty bodies. They climb onto guys shoulders and take their shot at crowd surfing, only to then whinge to their girlfriends about all the groping that occurred.

2 – The Oldies – WHY?! Why do little old fat men insist on getting right into the mosh and incidentally end up right behind you, and then suddenly, their hands are ‘accidentally’ right by your ass.

3 – The Guy Who’s On Some Sort Of Drugs – The guy with blond curly hair who you see popping up left right and centre, pupils dilated, and energy levels never cease to keep pumping.

4 – The Really Really Tall Guys – Again… WHY?! I love you and all your tallness but why do you insist on standing right in front of me? You then spend the whole night on your tippy toes, bobbling your head through the gaps.

5 – The Smelly Guy – Deodorant is a must. Enough said.

6 – The Couples – The cute couples making out and touching inappropriately right in the middle of the mosh. It’s a bit of a skill, not biting one another’s tongue off but please, save it for the bedroom.

And then you blend all these characters together to get…. 1 INSANE MOSH PIT! And these are the little things that fascinate me in such a volatile and energetic environment.

1 – It is perfectly acceptable to push, hit, shove, elbow ANYONE around you.
2 – If someone falls over, you create a barrier around them and help them up, before pushing them back into the mosh.
3 – When a circle of death is created, you either go hard or get out of there.

4 – If someone’s shoe falls off, you create a barrier around them, and someone else stabilises them whilst they try and crouch down to recover their shoe… or, in the case of the shoeless man at Violent Soho… just remove your shoes all together and mosh with them in your hands.
5 – If someone is getting crushed, uncomfortably so that they actually cannot breath, you help them to the front for security to whisk them off to safety and fresh air.
6 – You do not wear your good clothes into a mosh pit because they will be drenched in sweat, blood and beer.
7 – When you wake up in the morning, covered in bruises, scratches, no voice, ears ringing and in desperate need of a shower, you’ll know you had a great time in the land of the mosh!


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